Social intranet becomes mainstream

A social intranet helps to communicate effectively throughout the organization which helps in sharing a collective vision. Employees find themselves more attached to a company’s vision and mission and know how their role plays are an important part of achieving success together as an organization. A social intranet is a great medium to interact and engage as a community. A social intranet also helps to build a transparent culture whether it be a blog post or marketing campaign plan, all this work-related information flows through relevant channels which nurture transparency of the company.

Creative Social Intranet is one such next-generation intranet software that enables Employee engagement, internal communication, online collaboration, rewards and recognition systems for employees, employees LMS and onboarding, Content management system, Helpdesk trouble ticketing and more.

The Leader’s Role in employee engagement

Employees yearn for good leaders. A recent study found that 65% of employees would rather have a better leader than a salary increase.

Great leaders make your working experience so much better. Having a good leader, employees can perform their work beyond its commitment. It also decreases the chances of retention of employees. Therefore a good leader will also try to engage its employees and improve their integrity.

A good leader is without a doubt, one of the best incentives for keeping staff, happy and engaged.

Know the benefits of Creative Social Intranet, as a modern digital workplace that will help enhance leadership skills.

Building a digital workplace

Technology is going to continue making waves, changing work for us all. Digitalization is a concept that describes how technology is increasing and creating a virtual environment in the place of the physical workplace. Creative Social Intranet is a digital workplace, a business strategy to boost employee agility and engagement. The digital transformation includes strategy, integration of software and technologies. Creative Social Intranet is a digital workplace, one of the best alternatives to the Workplace by Facebook and Yammer and has a rich set of functionalities. Creative Social Intranet has the right mixture of technology and services to get the best possible outcomes for achieving success.

Why is Creative Social Intranet the best alternative to the Workplace by Facebook and Yammer?

Before you decide whether any digital workplace solution is the right employee communication and engagement platform for you, consider the following:

  • Does the digital workplace solutions offer custom branding and menus? Customizing content helps you target the right people with the right information.
  • Does the digital workplace software offers modules to share news events and upload blogs and case studies? It is very much required feature in the modern world to bring the social touch and social feeds offer different experiences.
  • Does the intranet platform offer feedback, survey, online poll modules? These data help develop analytics and strategies accordingly.
  • Is your intranet workplace also an e-learning application with interactive online quizzes? Elearning helps in employee training and onboarding process.
  • Does the Digital workplace offer gamification modules? Employee rewards and recognition accompanied by gamification points and coupons and badges on leaderboards help improve employee engagement and activity on the intranet.
  • Lastly, is the price per employee really worth it? All you really get is a social feed and instant messaging. You can find those features and more for a lower price.

Read about benefits of Creative Social Intranet over Workplace

Compare Facebook Workplace, Yammer and Creative Social Intranet with respect to features, Integrations, and solutions.

Creative Social Intranet Workplace by Facebook Yammer
Features Share Video

Publish News

Internal Branding

Mobile Responsive

Schedule Calendars

Holiday calendar planner

Post Announcements

Write and Share blogs

Internal Chat

Image gallery

Advanced Search


Employee directory

Employee profile

Employee recognition

Peer to Peer,

Manager to Subordinate,

Subordinate to Manager

Employee rewards

Employee recommendations

Employee certifications

Employee skill tagging


Meeting room booking system

Asset booking system

Page sharing Groups / Communities

Local news & activity feed



Group Forums

File uploading

File sharing


Tailored profile pages

Activity streams




Microblogging @mentions

Content publishing

Custom Top menu links

Inbuilt HTML editors

Left menu navigations

Employee onboarding

Online quiz

Poll / survey

Recognition badges

Live video streaming

Voice and video calls (desktop and mobile)

Workplace and Work Chat apps (iOS /Android)

Productivity features

Unlimited file, photo and video storage

Unlimited team and project groups Integration with file storage providers Desktop Notifier for Windows Secure collaboration between companies Directory of pre-built integrations.

Enterprise features

Administrative controls to manage your community Monitoring tools for IT teams APIs for custom integrations and bots Integrations with e-discovery and compliance providers

Groups External Collaboration Search Inbox Notifications Discovery Feed Integrations
Integrations LDAP




DropBox Google Drive Apple Mail Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Slack




iOffice Aruba Networks Jira

Zapier Salesforce SurveyMonkey


G Suite




Salesforce ServiceNow



Splash SurveyMonkey Adobe

Jira Cloud

SharePoint Zapier Slack Zendesk GoodData Smarsh Bagdeville Hype Buzztale Hootsuite Mindflash Office Vibe
Solutions On Cloud

On Premise

Hybrid Solution

On Cloud On cloud

On Premise

Support Phone


Trouble ticket


On site support


Trouble ticket




Trouble ticket


Creative Social Intranet Software is an Employee Intranet Portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.

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Effective Employee Recognition benefits.

Entrepreneurs need to know that there is direct relation between business profitability and employees. With Creative RnR portal appreciate your employees and motivate them towards work.

It is a win-win situation when entrepreneurs try to engage employees through rewards and recognition. Entrepreneurs should know  how to keep their employees motivated so that they can also show their results by achieving growth in business. Rewards and recognition helps to trigger positive behaviors among employees by giving them efficient R&R programs. Employees these days are more about instant gratification and social recognition. They want to feel acknowledged socially and enjoy an enhanced self-image. This is the generation of the millennial who expect great career prospects, good packages and good visibility in the organization.


What are the benefits of introducing employee recognition and awards in workplace?

Few of the employee recognition ideas at Workplace

Many companies have employee rewards and recognition programs in place. However, even in these companies, it’s very often that you hear employees complain about how their work is not appreciated. Because it’s not always what you do, but how you do it.

  • Welcome new employees with a welcome note in your workplace

  • Creating a separate group in the intranet workplace for new comers and keeping a session of introduction.

  • Celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries on digital workplace with a popup of greeting with employee picture be displayed automatically on the birthday date. See as below

  • Let your peers appreciate you with recognition badges with an advantage of gaining gamification points on giving recognition.

  • Arrange for annual or monthly digital awards in your intranet for your employees to be motivated.

  • Announce for a lunch or dinner party by creating an event in your intranet workplace, after completion of a tedious job.