Hurdles for Social Intranet And How To Overcome Them

workspaceDigital workplace is allowing an organization to manage its resources and employees effectively, and staying close to customers or potential customers. Many of the small as well as big organizations use social intranet to collaborate their employees through different devices from distant regions, share idea and get quick feedback. But is the social Intranet serving the way it is expected?

Although social intranet has become a beneficial tool in modern business world which saves time, resources and efforts of a company, there are still some hurdles that are needed to overcome to make the software more beneficial than ever.

Here are the hurdles and how to overcome them:

Hurdle 1: Low Usage Of Intranet Portal Solution

Despite being adopted by a company, many employees avoid using social intranet software to communicate and share information with each other. This could be due to half-baked knowledge about the platform and slow response from other employees.

Solution: Companies are needed to educate their employees about social intranet and its benefits. In addition, the top management should take the initiative and engage low level employees on the Intranet portal solution by posting new content, company information and ask them to communicate to each other through it.

Hurdle 2: No Milestone

MilestoneSome companies install social intranet portal solution, but do not make further efforts. No fresh content is posted for days and employees are not given new tasks over the intranet.

Solution: The organization should post new objective over the social intranet and ask employees to access them through the platform. In addition, they should be asked to send reports over the intranet, and must be given quick feedback.

Hurdle 3: No Attention To Updates

Technological world keeps on changing every day, and social intranet also sees positive changes. A company cannot make the most of network it doesn’t have the latest tools, in the form of updated intranet. update

Solution: It is necessary to use the most advanced social intranet tools and make employees aware of them.

How Intranet Is Different From Extranet? Which Is More Beneficial

ProductivityWhen it comes to increasing productivity of a business, there are various kinds of network systems used by experts. Intranet and extranet are among those network resources. They are beneficial for a company and contribute in its growth. Although both the terms are related to an organization’s network system, they are different from each other and work differently.

Intranet: An intranet network system of an organization is a network that allows employees to collaborate, share ideas and information, communicate, develop new content and work on same project at a same time while being at different locations.

Extranet: Although the network system works similar to intranet, it comes with controlled access over resources. For example, the controlled access may include partners, vendors and even customers of a company.

Difference between Intranet and Extranet

The key difference between two network types is their usage and access. The extranet can be controlled and access can be given to limited people. On the other side, the use of Intranet is limited to a company and its employees. These employees can communicate and work for a common goal using web intranet, but the network doesn’t include customers or vendors.

In other words, it can be said that the Intranet of an organization is an internal network that allows only its computers to be connected with each other. But it can also be accessed through Web Intranet software by people linked to the company and present at different locations.

Which is the best: Intranet or Extranet?

Although both the network systems serve different purposes, the web intranet is more secure and flexible. It can be accessed by company employees at distant locations and allows them to share information with each other. It’s a modern way of collaborating employees and make them work for a common company goal.

Social Intranet Software India – A Binding System for the Organization

Social Intranet

Binding all the employees and top officials is crucial within the organization to have a common culture. It is vital to have thorough knowledge regarding employee’s performance, sharing ideas and information, communicating internally and also spreading important news within the organization in a smooth manner.

For doing all this, Social Intranet software has up come as a technically advanced tool for business enterprises to create an internal network of getting all the employees and subordinates connected directly in order to create a forum for discussions, sharing feedback, posting relevant content as per company’s demands, sharing work report, improving career skills, motivating the employees and much more for the betterment of the organization.

Benefits of Using Social Intranet for Business
The very advantage of using Social Intranet software is for the employees to read relevant information and detail regarding the company without sharing the platform with any outsider or third party.
This app designed for connecting employees together is also Smartphone friendly as whole platform can be accessed through your phone in order to communicate directly with the people within the company from any place you want.
The system in a way boosts the motivation of employees by letting superiors and their subordinates to have clear cut communication. This will further lead to increase in the overall productivity and work culture of the company.
Creating projects and forum is not so difficult with the advent of common sharing platform of the company which is Social Intranet software. With that, workspaces and projects can be created at any point of time with the joint support of particular team members under one single roof.
Posting and sharing content is also one of the major features of Social Intranet software.

What Are The Characteristics Of Best Modern Intranet

In today’s fast and furious world, success of a business depends on how often it adapts to ever-changing workplace conditions, competition, threats and modern business environment. An Intranet network of an organization decides how quickly it takes crucial decision and tastes success.

Modern Intranet is different from what it was a few years ago. It’s quicker, safer and more reliable today. Plus, it allows better control over organizational resources and manpower. Today, a successful business uses trendy social intranet software meeting its requirements and speaking for it on various platforms. There are many features that make modern intranet a valuable tool to counter competitors and stay ahead in competition, and here are they:

It’s Always With The Organization

Modern social intranet not just takes a company’s team members on a common platform and establishes a connection among them, but also serves various other useful purposes. It is easily accessible from any region of the world having internet connectivity and provides a responsive design approach

It Leads To ProductivityModern Intranet

The modern-day intranet promotes easy collaboration and allows all employees of a company to discuss ideas and work for a common goal on a common platform. When employees find it easy to collaborate with each other, they stay focused towards a goal.

Easy Access To Employees Information

Not just employees, but top management of a company can use social intranet software to keep a close look on low level employees and ask them for reports on their work. The modern intranet makes it easy to get reports from employees and react to them.

Smart SearchModern Intranet

Sometimes, big companies find it difficult to navigate, which further wastes valuable time. Social intranet software makes it easy to search for valuable information with smart search through smartly developed intranet search engine.

How Social Intranet Leads Culture Transformation In Your Organization

Culture has become a binding tool in the corporate sector that connects employees and business processes to form an open organizational structure. Since it is growing to have a direct impact on business performance, many businesses have realized its importance and are working towards building a strong foundation that can support a healthy culture. Web intranet solutions is one such tool that has proven to bring about a cultural transformation in an organization. Here are the cultural aspects that get revived with the introduction of social intranet in any corporate arena:

  1. Innovation Social Intranet

The platform of Web intranet solution urges the employees to constantly learn and innovate by sharing new ideas. They become more motivated to take risks on those new ideas, thereby giving impetus to an innovative culture.

  1. Recognition

It is natural for an employee whose work does not get recognized to become de-motivated and gradually disinterested in his work. Web intranet solutions would perform the role of bringing to the forefront the ideas and work of every employee and earn him recognition from the management.

  1. Belongingness

Web intranet solutions acts as a platform to establish an interactive environment through effective communication and collaboration. These close-knit relationships promote a sense of belonging amongst the employees towards their workplace. This in turn makes the employee more active at the workplace and instills a sense of concern for their colleagues in times of need.

  1. Synergy Social Intranet

Intranet also allows the employees at various positions to work interpedently by being in perfect sync with each other for a project. This in turn helps bring out a collaborative environment that brings out the best results from a task.

Such a cultural transformation brought out by social intranet brings about an increase in the productivity as well and is thus being readily welcomed by the corporate sector.