Benefits of Creative Social Intranet at your digital workplace

The boundaries of work and workplace are changing every now and then worldwide. Flexible working hours, remote working areas and dispersed workers operating in a digital workplace, have opened up a new era where collaboration and communication within a company have to familiarize to fit with this transformation.
At the heart of this is the Creative Social Intranet, a software where significant connections and real-time communication is possible which is integral to modern business.

Really! But how can stay ‘social’ mean more productivity?

How is social = productive

For countless organizations, a social intranet is the missing jigsaw piece to the modern digital workplace today. What a social intranet does is select one and achieves what other digital tools and services have failed to do.
Creative Social Intranet takes the best of social media platforms, sites, and portals to create a platform where there is ease of connection, collaboration and communication. The features that Creative Social Intranet can boost include flexible management systems, engaging collaborations and also powerful search capabilities. The positive end result is productivity which is maximized, knowledge, views and ideas that are shared, and the building of communities across your organization. Our rich social features include tagging, blogging, liking, sharing, and commenting – to ease the way people connect on a social site. Also social intranet software makes possible getting in touch with a co-worker in another office space in another country, even in another language.

So how is a socialized intranet helping modern businesses today?

We at Creative Social Intranet have tailored the intranet software of some of our clients to become the social intranets that their organizations require for everyday use and to form well-built connections and collaborations. New Innovative ideas can be found to maximize the value of your social intranet.

Hence what makes a prize-winning victorious Social Intranet?

1. Boosting employee engagement by creating employee recognition programs

Along with cultivating a positive culture at work, recognizing your workers is one of the most important things you can do to boost employee morale and employee satisfaction. A social intranet platform is one of the best media where anyone can say a simple thank you to his/her peer in front of the entire company audience.

2. Giving a platform for every employee to speak up

It is very easy to become invisible if working in a large, global company. A company will experience low retention levels and high absentees if it fails to notice, recognize or celebrate their employee’s success. By providing employees with a voice, a social intranet platform helps to remove hurdles like location, language or seniority barriers that often hamper significant connections.

3. Establishing a platform for innovative ideas and knowledge sharing

Geographically dispersed manpower of a business that is largely spread generally faces communication and knowledge sharing barriers. Empowering fellow workers to connect with each other, share ideas and collaborate is one of the key features of a social intranet.

4. Promoting positive company culture

While an intranet is a perfect platform for celebrating your employee achievements it can also exhibit new initiatives, upcoming events and showcase various successes within the company. This will motivate the workforce and encourage their confidence which, in turn, enriches the entire workplace culture.

5. Making Intranet relatively important to everyone in the organization

Undoubtedly, to make people visit your intranet regularly, you need to make it relevant to them. It’s important to remember who your audience is in order to ensure that the content loaded and the news broadcasted is read. When people receive messages and news that isn’t applicable to their role, their interests and engagement drop. Thus leading people to stop tuning in and an intranet without populace is just a piece of software. Thus it’s very important to make your intranet relevant to everyone using it.

What can be learnt from social intranets?

• not be scared of increased social activity.
• With a relevant social intranet, employees can receive regular updates on new researches, share ideas and views and also figure out their roles and responsibilities in a project.
• Tasks happen a lot faster when social engagement is installed in the workplace.
• The most beneficial features of the social intranet are social tools that companies use, real-time interactions, ability to collaborate within the organisation and cross-platform availability.
• Social intranets initiate business digitization. Earlier, digitization focused on customer-facing processes. Social intranets spotlights on internal processes, and how work processes can be improvised by digitization.

So what’s next for your social intranet software?

a) Social intranets will continue to adapt and evolve to fresh trends in communication and collaboration, especially those employed in social media.
b) Its focus should be on gen-next features and their integration and implementation into the intranet software.
c) As with every new generation that joins the workplace, expectations for high digital tools, ahead of the curve office tech, and particularly developments in work intranets is important.

Thus to conclude, Creative Social intranet is intuitive, adaptable to most integrations, and is unique to every user. And most importantly uplifting your digital workplace.