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Today, businesses are driven by knowing what clients want. Engaging into activities that promote a brand in social or bring business to the agency is key to successful business. But creating this engagement in person is quite difficult for any enterprise. Thus, an online platform – a website can help companies create a social hub for them.

We deal with designs in a way that it helps you modernize your presence on the web and create robust yet amazing looking website platform for your business. With use of latest technologies, we tend to deliver the best of what is available in market to reach the goals of fulfilling our clients.

We do not just create web platform but also help create solutions that will render the overall growth and progress of the company. Innovating and redefining the ways things work, we make sure that your company not only benefits from our solutions but also provides customer satisfaction using our services.

We understand how each elements of web platform can make a better ecosystem for a organization and with that approach in mind, we take care of each of your requirement be-fitting the blocks of the website solutions we offer.

Given a chance to serve, we would make sure you can dream to grow big in your business with our optimized solutions for each type of business. Our enterprise management solution has in-house services that can boost your productivity, efficiency and profit scale.

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Advantages of Creative Application Migration services

Advantages of Creative Application Migration services

Creative leverages upon modern platforms /  architectures for automated translation of business logic. Architecture consulting, SOA, componentization, code reuse and data migration, application support and migration of legacy mainframe applications, mainframe & legacy system integration are some of the services that Creative provides clients for application migration and modernization.

Advantages of Creative Application Migration services:

  1. Mitigate business risks
  2. Improvised systems performance
  3. Minimize system dependencies
  4. Increased data portability
  5. Reduce ownership costs
  6. Enhanced operational efficiencies
  7. Enhanced technical support

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Reasons why most mobile apps fail

800px-Healthcare_Apps_for_Android_TabletsMore than half of the mobile apps on the digital market will have to be completely replaced or redesign in the next few years. Making a successful mobile app is a very complex, resource-rich process. According to Survey, following are the some reasons why most mobile apps fail as a business.

Making a complicated mobile app:

Most of the business websites and web apps work in a same manner such as users sign in, navigate through various pages, search the page they are looking for and manipulate content to perform a desired task. Mobile apps are very different than web apps, they are developed with a limited set of tasks in mind and enable users to quickly perform these tasks with minimal navigation. If you develop your mobile app like your website, you will fail. Mobile apps should be simple, single-serving gateways into the larger, more complex offerings of a business website.

Undervaluing resources:

According to Research, creating an innovative mobile app takes an extensive cost and time-period . Finding an quality and proficient mobile developers is not an easy task. Mobile app developers are currently enjoying a high-demand market in which they often pick and choose the projects they would like to work on. Unfortunately, a business-oriented mobile revamp of an business website is not  nearly as stimulating as the start up app that might be the next big thing.

Security consequences:

One of the difficult parts of the mobile app developing process is designing a public-facing API that gives customers access to your data and functionality. This process normally takes 12-24 months. Anytime developers deal with access permissions and exposing business logic, they assume a large risk and multiply the layers of complexities. The more you can create without exposing logic via APIs, the more the solution will be.

Mobile app marketing is tough:

Mobile app development is expensive, and time-consuming. Even when the long, complicated process is over, only half the battle has been one. Gaining exposure in the industry over your competitors in a saturated market is no easy task and requires even more investment. CPC ads on popular ad networks are usually a first-step taken by new apps on the market, but a lot of apps have gone back to print-ads in magazines and, if the budget allows, tv spots on popular networks.

Low app downloads:

More often than not, app developers spend a considerable amount of time and money creating a mobile app only to find that no one is using it. SAP found that over 75% of mobile apps are downloaded once then never used again. It is imperative to gather feedback and measure behaviors within your mobile apps immediately after they are launched. The more frequently you release updates, the higher the ratings will be.

50% off on Creative Live Support Software

Provide instant support on your website with Live chat services

Eliminate sending email messages back and forth with your customers. With Real-Time chats, you can answer your customers immediately without having to email them.

Live Chat Software benefits

  • Increase Sales and Decrease Support Costs
  • Start interacting with your web site visitors.
  • Easy Setup
  • Receive customer feedback to improve support
  • Push chat invitation to your visitors for live help
  • Know website statistics while providing live support
  • Track keywords, search engines, locations users coming to your websites
  • And many more…

Special Christmas Offer by Creative

50% off on Creative Live Support Software Services
50% off on Creative Live Support Software Services

X’mas Discounts – Flat 50% off on all Live Chat Software Plans with Web Space

Live chat software Creative live chat software offers two subscription packages. Both the packages have the same set of features, and differ only in the number of operator profiles available.

Live chat software We recommend yearly subscriptions as they have great discounts. However if needed, we even provide monthly subscriptions plans Features remain same in both cases.

Live chat software All the operators in the live chat room can be online concurrently. they are provided different operator login, password, name, operator picture, welcome message, and set of predefined answers, etc.

Live chat softwareYou will informed 15 days prior, the due date for renewal of live chta software. We accept payment through credit cards, cheques, bank transfers, demand drafts.


Enterprise level Content Management System By Creative

Enterprise level Content Management System By Creative

A single site, multi-user content management system designed to be used by NON – TECHNICAL users.

This Professional enterprise level CMS package is an extremely powerful, user-friendly and flexible content management system designed to fit any corporate budget.

If you are looking for a serious Content Management System, Creative’s Corporate CMS Package is for you.

Creative Content Management System India
Creative Content Management System India

Corporate website management is traditionally hindered by competing interests between coporate marketing staff and corporate IT staff. Marketing executives recognize the value of brand and visibility, while IT personnel are concerned with the ongoing cost and infrastructure considerations associated with building and maintaining a website.

Creative Content Management System – CMS breaks down these traditional barriers by empowering marketing executives with complete brand and content control, while satisfying IT demands to seamlessly integrate with legacy CMS systems using a robust, enterprise-level architecture. The group-based permissions and workflow of Creative Content Management System – CMS allow content generators to easily maintain the corporate website, thus removing additional burden on their IT staff.

See Enterprise level CMS fetaures developed in PHp As well as Asp.net Content Management applications development India.