Adding live visitor chat to your website will help increase sales & conversions

Adding live visitor chat to your website will help increase sales & conversions

Date: 18-Jan-2010

Affordability + Reliability = Super Performance

You no longer have to pay premium price for premium service!

Live Chat Works
Adding live visitor chat to your website will help increase sales & conversions and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Why is this? Well the benefits are on a number of levels.

Live support software

Live support software

Live Chat Increased Sales

1. Increased Confidence
When you visit a website, particularly if you want to purchase something, you like to know that the company is ‘real’, with real people behind it.  Many websites that sell products may look very professional but are in fact a ‘virtual’ business, with no contact information, run on a part time basis, with no commitment to customer service.

Adding live chat to your site shows to the visitor that you are a genuine business with real people ready and waiting to help.

Even if visitors don’t use your live chat facility, the very fact that it is there will increase the visitors confidence in your business, and therefore increase sales.

Live chat is more secure than email, with all WhosOn live chat sessions being protected by SSL. So its as secure as your checkout pages.

2. Close The Sale
Most visitors to your website will give up and leave if they cannot find the information they are looking for within a few minutes. Live chat enables the visitor to get the information they need quickly. Visitors prefer to get information via live chat than to hunt around your website reading pages of content. Once in a chat session you can close the sale and transfer the visitor to your order page.

3. Be Proactive
Just like in a regular store, if you see a customer moving from item to item, not sure which to purchase, you would ask them if they needed assistance and then close the sale. Operator console enables you to do just that from your website. You can watch what visitors are looking at and then send them a ‘can we help?’ message. The message can be unique to that visitor. If you see a visitor pausing on the checkout process you can ask if they would like to take the order for them. Overall, being proactive with your visitors will increase sales.

4. Make Your Website Work For YOU
Live Chat Operator  can watch visitor activity. It can detect when a visitor may potentially become a prospect, based on keywords, pages viewed, location etc, and initiate proactive invite requests ON YOUR BEHALF. This can increase conversions without any additional work from your staff.

Live Chat Improves Customer Support

1. More Ways For Your Customers To Contact You
Live chat is a convenient, quick and free way for customers to contact you, no matter where they are in the world. Your customers will appreciate this. Customer queries can be resolved much faster than email without worrying if your message got blocked as spam.

2. Know Your Visitors
Once a visitor has chatted to you, their contact information is recorded against their visitor record in the Operator console database. This will show on subsequent visits. You will instantly know when existing customers enter your site. This enables you to be more informal during live chat sessions and therefore further improve customer relations.

3. Be Up To Speed
When you start chatting to a customer you will have access to all previous live chat sessions and visits at the touch of a button. You can quickly bring yourself up to speed on the customers requirements, even if the customer chatted to someone else.

In closing, the benefits of using Creative web based Live Chat support software services to add live chat to your website significantly outweigh its cost.

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