Use an Integrated Intranet to Engage a Deskless Workforce

Date: 22-May-2023

The world revolves around deskless workers. They are the people who develop things, run delivery vehicles, attend phones, cook food, and serve as the foundation of many businesses. It’s time to connect them with a complete intranet that caters to their individual requirements. This is how.

Deskless workers often feel undervalued and lack the flexible work hours or remote options that their desk-bound colleagues enjoy. As a result, more than one-third of them are at risk of quitting in the next six months. But with the right strategy, including having a modern intranet in place, businesses can create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, engaged, and part of the team – encouraging deskless employees to stay.

What is triggering the migration of deskless workers?

Deskless employees often feel like they’re being left out of the conversation, both figuratively and literally. They don’t have access to emails or company intranets and thus are unable to receive important messages from their bosses – a major disconnect that can lead to disengagement and dissatisfaction. 

It’s no wonder so many deskless workers are considering leaving: without an inclusive work environment where everyone is respected, appreciated, and part of the team, why stay? Companies must strive to create a better employee experience if they want to keep their deskless workforce happy and engaged. 

The best way to do this is by having a modern intranet in place; one that allows for communication among all staff regardless of whether they’re desk-bound or not, ensuring each person feels valued and connected to the company culture. With such a strategy in place, businesses will be able to create an atmosphere where deskless employees truly feel like they belong – and they’ll be more likely to stick around!

Employee experience is enhanced through an engaging intranet.

Including deskless workers in the company, communication is key to success. Companies can take steps to ensure that all employees feel included and valued by implementing an inclusive intranet system. 

Benefits of an intranet include:

  • Increased employee satisfaction, 
  • Better retention rates, 
  • Higher motivation levels
  • A sense of belonging. 

Intranets also provide career growth opportunities, a platform for voices to be heard, timely feedback from supervisors, and access to pertinent data. By taking these measures to foster inclusivity among its workforce, companies will experience improved productivity and efficiency.

How Does the Creative Social Intranet Work?

Creating an inclusive intranet system is essential to a successful business. It’ll help make sure everyone feels valued and included, while also providing lots of benefits like increased employee satisfaction, better retention rates, higher motivation levels, career growth opportunities, a platform for voices to be heard, timely feedback from supervisors, and access to important data. 

Creative Social Intranet intranet with custom dashboards for each employee will ensure every deskless worker has the same chances as everyone else to learn, grow, and succeed.

Employee experiences that are personalized to the individual

Personalizing your employees’ experiences is the key to keeping them engaged. With AI-driven adaptive personalization, you can give your team members just what they need when they need it – tailored to their interests and needs. Get real-time insights into their preferences and make sure that everyone feels seen and valued in your organization.

Employee involvement based on interests

Dashboards can assist in connecting your workers. Deskless workers are frequently isolated, so offering a location for coworkers in different departments to connect and engage around shared interests is a lovely touch—and an unexpected one that employees appreciate.

Employee onboarding

Many deskless workers often feel overwhelmed when they start a new job, not knowing where to go or what to do. But with an inclusive intranet that has a personalized dashboard, employees can quickly find the information they need and be successful. Plus, an auto-governance engine will keep data tidy by removing anything no longer relevant to their job. This makes it easier for them to access the important stuff – making the intranet a place they’ll return to again and again!

Increased employee engagement

An inclusive intranet makes the lives of deskless employees easier by giving them access to everything they need in one place. From company news, socialization tools, and essential resources – it’s all at their fingertips. AI Search helps narrow down search results quickly so that time isn’t wasted looking for something specific. This user-friendly environment gives employees peace of mind knowing that the answers they seek are easy to find, so they can focus on getting work done without frustration.

Communication between management and employees

Having an intranet that everyone can access at any time is a great way to create unity within the company. It allows for open lines of communication and helps leaders gain insight into their employee’s sentiments. Having this knowledge makes it easier to identify potential issues before they become major problems. 

Additionally, having a reliable intranet strengthens your company culture and creates an environment of trust. Including deskless workers in this initiative can make a huge difference in overall productivity and satisfaction. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your intranet and take your business to the next level, let us give you a demo! We’ll show you how our prescriptive analytics combines feedback with emotion-sensing technology to provide comprehensive insights into the employee experience.



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