Social Intranet: A Business-Friendly, Productive Interface With ‘Wow’ Features

Company communication portal

Days are over when company communication portal was a boring interface where only business people belonging to top management of a company was connected to each other to perform a few tasks. It was less business friendly and more just a platform to mark a company’s presence over a social intranet. In this era of social intranet, even managers had to use different platforms to connect to employees, bring them together and make them work for a company objective.

Modern Social Intranet Brought Revolution

Traditional Social Intranet was boring, less interactive and with a handle of business-friendly features. This led to downfall in its demand. But as social intranet is necessary for an organization to connect employees with each other and perform lots of tasks together in the digital world, lots of good changes were made in it.


Company communication portal

Unlike traditional intranet, the modern-day social intranet is interactive, interesting and offers two-way communication. Employees not just can connect to each other, but can also talk to their managers and give their inputs. There are lots of other interesting features have been added to the modern intranet which make it a widely used platform by companies of types. Some of the features are:

  • Efficient connections among employees as well as managers

  • Authorship to many employees to create content

  • Mobile functionality

  • Employee ID

  • Group pages

  • Advanced Search

  • Easy announcements

  • Instant feedback

Get Creative Social Intranet Services To Add ‘Wow’ To Your Social Intranet

Social intranet can be an advanced collaboration tool in a company of any size if it is used in its best way. Creative Social Intranet can help you in launching the platform to get the best of it. All the best features with maintenance will be given to get desired results from the digital tool.

SaaS Intranet Software Or Self Hosted Intranet Software? Which Is Right For You

Internal communication is necessary for a business- whether it’s small or big. Social Intranet not just connects employees with each other, but also give them authority to share documents in digital form. To stay ah

ead, companies use various kinds of employee engagement application to develop a secure connection among their employees. Which options is the best: self hosted software or Saas intranet?

Social intranet professionals or experts with detailed knowledge in the field believe Software as a service (SaaS) is better than other options, and is effective in many ways. Today, SaaS is the first choice due to its popularity, hassle-free features and cost-effective solutions. There are several other reasons too behind SaaS being so popular, and they are:

Employee engagement application

Reliable For Long-Term And Customization

SaaS intranet software will be a reliable option to have long-term intranet facilities and solutions for internal communication in an organization. Apart from that, it comes with customization option which means a company can have upgrades and add-ons whenever required.

Effective For All Organization

Whether it’s about having software to connect a few employees or developing a connection among hundreds of employees, SaaS intranet software is the best pick. It connects all of them without affecting the functionality.


SaaS has excellent intranet security which not just secures data, but also gives confidence to send information to each other without any issue.

Cost And Maintenance

SaaS intranet software is a cost-effective method to use and its maintenance cost is also low as compared to other intranet software.

All these features of SaaS intranet software can be enjoyed only by selecting the right service provider. Creative Social Intranet ensures that the best of SaaS intranet has been provided to a company which could help in developing effective connection.

Social Intranet: Why Quick Deployment And How To Do It

Employee intranet portal

Whether it’s a product or services, success depends on how employees of a company work together to achieve a common objective. In the modern and technology-friendly world, companies have many kinds of technical tools and software to connect employees with each other. These advanced tools not just make a secure connection between employees, but also let them share documents and send important files. But using multiple technologies wastes time and also confuses employees. The best solution is social intranet.

Modern employee intranet portal leads to effective collaboration in an organization, and gives employees an advanced platform to share files with each other and post important information without switching to other software. But deployment of social intranet plays an important role in its success in an organization.

Why Quick Deployment of Employee Social intranet portal is Important

Deploying a beautiful, informative and employee-friendly social intranet is beneficial if it’s deployed much more quickly. It is because technologies keep on changing with time and social intranet has also seen rapid developments in the recent time. To use the features in trends to engage employees over platform and make them work together, it is necessary to use social intranet as soon as possible.

Employee intranet portal

How To Deploy Social Intranet

Although there should be quick deployment of social intranet, several things must be considered to ensure effective deployment and the best results. They are:

  • Focus on employees to be added

  • Features to be used

  • Authentication to people

  • Effective connection

Social intranet is a time-saving, productive platform to engage employees and connect them with remote workers. Its accurate deployment is necessary. Creative Social Intranet can help you in deployment the best form of social intranet which not only connects employees with each other, but also makes them productive at workplace.

Social Intranet: How Deployment Time Is Crucial In Company Success


Social intranet has given a new and easy way of communication to organizations of all kinds. It can connect employees with each other, even when they are at remote locations, and let them share documents over a common network. There are lots of other advantages too of the social intranet, but intranet wasn’t like this always.

Traditional Intranet And Changes It Had

Traditional intranet wasn’t as useful as the modern intranet is for many businesses. It was with a boring, outdated experience to users, while the personalization was also for limited people of an organization. Apart from that, its usage was also limited to only some people, and its features were only a few. It was the reason the intranet wasn’t much popular among businesses.

However it changed with time, and now it has remarkable features that not just connect employees also but let them engage in interest way. They can communicate with each other, share documents, posts blogs, participate in blogs and also comment on them. In addition, managers can assign tasks and monitor employee performance.

Importance of Deployment Time

The social network software should be deployed after ensuring that all the aspects and requirements have been taken care of. In addition, people to be involved, features to be used and how to maintain it in future should be considered. Apart from that, employees should also be given proper training to use the platform. Once all this is done, the social intranet can be deployed.

Creative Social Intranet For Social Intranet Deployment

Creative Social Intranet understands the needs to deploy the software and consider all the precautionary measures while launching it. In addition, its maintenance and update is also handled by the company to ensure that all the features are accessible to all employees.

Popular Social Intranet Tools Based On Latest Statistics

intranetWhile social intranet is being readily adopted by businesses and companies, not all make use of the set of tools equally. While some employees may use blogs and documents, other may prefer using social bookmarking and blogs on the intranet. According to a study conducted by Prescient Digital, about 75% employees use their intranet for just HR purposes. Here are more statistics that show how the amount in which popular intranet tools is used by employees:

  1. Blogs and Forums

Statistics collected by Prescient Digitals show that blogs and forums are one of the most popular tools of communication used by the corporate sector. While about 75% have intranet blogs, more than 60% have discussion forums on their intranet. Micro-blogging is another popular tool used by over 40% enterprises.

  1. Messaging and Comments

Another popular use of intranet portal is in the area of instant messages and interaction through comments. Around 63% have instant messaging and only 16% are not interested in communicating through messages. Similarly, about 60% prefer posting comments while less than 10% have no plans of user commenting.


  1. Video and photo sharing

Although not as prevalently used as blogs, more than 30% companies use the tool of photo or video sharing to communicate and share facts. Blogs and podcasts are other modern tools used in about 43% and 39% office spaces respectively.

  1. Social Networking

This is a controversial tool of social intranet tool wherein while a large portion of employees expect a level of social networking to connect with their colleagues, the employers or managers fear of misuse of such an informal platform. Though still, about 43% companies have intranet social networking with maybe some restrictions implied.

These figures illustrate the common tools that can ensure higher efficiency and employee engagement if installed in an organization. Creative social intranet can further provide you personalized tools that best suit the needs and working of your organization.