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10 Reasons Why Projects Go Above Budget? How Creative Intranet Software Helps In Effective Project Management

Projects going above the planned budget’ is common even in the modern business world where various kinds of technical tools and advanced tricks are used to handle every business activity. By identifying the causes and fixing them, productivity and efficiency within an organization can be improved. In this method, Creative Intranet Software can serve as a great help. Here are reasons behind project going above budget and role of the software:

  1. No Or Poor Communication: Throughout the project, an effective communication is always needed between all the project members. These members could be from different departments of an organization. Creative Intranet Software brings them all on a common platform, where they can share information, project progress and future plans.

  1. Lack of Experience: Individuals with years of experience are necessary to handle project. Creative Intranet Software can be used to stay connected with experienced employees and get help from them on different project processes.


  1. Mistakes By Employees: It is obvious that some employees will make some mistakes while handling the project, which may increase the overall budget. By using a common social online platform, every step related to the project can be discussed with other projects members to eliminate mistakes.


  1. Waste of Material Or On-site Damage: Sometimes, workers could not use the available resources in the right way, or they damage some tools while performing their duties. By using Creative Intranet Software, project members can discuss how to use resources in an accurate manner and how to avoid damage while performing the designated duties.


  1. Absence of Employee: Sometimes, some employees may need a break from their work due to some personal issue. There are chances that assistance from the absent employees is needed for the project’s process. When Creative Intranet Software is used, employees can contact rest of the team members and help them in surpassing hurdles anytime and from anywhere.


  1. Extra Time To Complete Task: Some employees, sometimes, may take extra time to finish their duties. It may be due to several reasons. Experienced professionals can assists such employees on Creative Intranet Software and help them complete their tasks on time.

  1. Unfavorable Environment: In an organization, a situation may occur where some tools stop working. This may lead to time waste. But if Creative Intranet Software is being used, employees can work with their other digital devices and continue contributing in the project.


  1. Poor Future Planning: When only one, two or a few people are allowed to make decision for the overall working of a project, then there are chances of taking poor decision for the future. Creative Intranet Software brings all project members of a common place where they can make decisions for the project’s future processes.


  1. Inaccurate Resource Allocation: To ensure right progress of a project, resources should be allocated in the right manner. Top management can use Creative Intranet Software to ensure the resources are being used in the right manner and track the progress on them.


  1. Lack in Relationship With Consumers: Those who are going to use the project can also affect the overall cost of it. Creative Intranet Software can help in identifying what consumes think of the project and what changes they want to see in it. 

Mistakes To Avoid While Planning – Building Social Intranet


Unattractive and Cluttered Homepage

A social intranet should be beneficial and eye-appealing for all employees and those who are going to use it. There should be something for everyone on the homepage of the platform. In addition to design an attractive page, it should easy to navigate and explore.

Clumsy Search

Search is one of the most useful features of social intranet. In the absence of an easy-to-locate and easy-to-use search area, employees will have to spend a long time looking for information they require. It is necessary to have a search bar present where the users are expecting it to be.

Launch in Rush

It is necessary to launch social intranet software in the presence of all employees or through an event where employees will be taught how to use it. Social intranet launched in rush can lead to less or no usage of it.

No Employee Training

It is necessary to train employees in the presence of experts to ensure that they understand how to use the platform and how to make the most of it. Untrained employees may lead to no interest in the platform.

Creative Social Intranet can help you plan and launch your company’s social intranet in the right way. In addition, the experienced individuals of the company can guide you how to use and maintain the social intranet to ensure its effective working all the time.

What Are Best Practices To Launch Social Intranet

educate employeesDesigning, developing and finalizing things for a company’s social intranet is different thing, launching is more pressurizing and complex task to do. One cannot simply launch it for the company and wait for employees to know about it from different sources. There should be a day to launch it with right preparations. Here’s the process to be followed to launch social intranet with a bang:

Right Momentum & Tell Employees About It

There should be excited users- mostly employees- about the launch. They should be curious to know what features they are going to get on social intranet to help them perform their daily activities at the workplace. This excitement can be generated by launching teaser videos prior to the launch to educate employees about the social intranet. In addition, there can be a competition to name the intranet.

Make Launch Day Big

Instead of just launching it in the presence of a handful of experts and service provider professional, plan a launch event to make it memorable. Invite all company employees and launch the social intranet in an interesting way.

Educate Employees To Use It

Social intranet is beneficial and engaging if employees know how to use it and make the most of the platform. In the presence of experts, all the employees should be told about the right procedures to use the platform and connect with others. They should also be told about features they can avail and use to make their daily duties easier.

A social intranet is beneficial only if it has been created using the right tools and technologies. In addition, it should be handled, launched and maintained by experts to ensure its effective working. Creative Social Intranet can help you in launching the platform in the right manner and make the right use of it.

How To Manage Company Assets Through Social Intranet

Digital Culture

Most of the organizations- both small as well as big- have adopted the digital culture to manage employees, promote product or services or contacting customers. One positive feature of the digital world is social intranet. It’s a secure network of an organization where employees can communicate with each other, share information and stay in contact with their managers.

One more usage of social intranet is managing the brand assets in an effective and secure way. Through the centralized network, content related to the company over the social intranet can be managed and updated to make employees stay updated with latest happenings in the company and important events.

Apart from that, important data and information can be stored over the platform for future use. Employees sitting in remote regions can access the social intranet through any smart device and use the data to perform their daily tasks, even when they are not in the company. All they require is authentication to access the data and use it. Employees can also send and receive reports from the top management, and make necessary changes as per the requirement.

Digital Culture

The social intranet software can also be used to secure and share data about employees over the intranet. Through unique employee ids and information on them, other employees can identify people with whom they should make connections to meet their professional objective and perform their duties to meet common goals. This also leads to trust among employees and improve productivity in the organization.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

All the best, modern and beneficial features of social intranet can be availed by installing the advanced form of social intranet and get it managed by experts. Creative Social Intranet can help a company in installing the advanced social intranet in the right way.