Damaging Myths About Social Intranet

Earlier, only top management of an organization had the right to give instructions to low level employees and make their voice reach to them. But in the modern world, every employee has a voice that works in the favor of an organization. Several big as well as small organizations have been using social intranet software to bring all company employees on a single platform where they can share their views and ideas on a company goal, and communicate with top management.

Digital world has given a new life to intranet in the form of social intranet software. The private network of an organization allows its employees to stay connected to each other even when they are sitting at remote location. In addition, they can write blogs, make comments and get quick feedback. The modern world social intranet is beneficial in many ways, but there are still some myths circulating in the digital world. They have been debunked.

Social Intranet Are Irrelevant Today

There are some who have a hunch that intranet is dead. They believe that the modern world is occupied with other technologies and software and intranet has no place here.

Reality: Intranet isn’t dead, but has a digital makeover and is available in an evolved form. The modern intranet- Social intranet- has become software with lots of beneficial, secure and time-saving features. Today, it takes all employees of a company on a common place where they can share important company information.

Intranet Is Static

Those who aren’t aware of modern intranet think no changes can be made in intranet to make it more beneficial.

Reality: With social intranet software, interactive features can be personalized as per the company’s demand. In addition to interactive collaboration features, it is more flexible and business-friendly today.

Intranet Is Only For Large Businesses

Some still believe that social intranet is a costly network tool that can be used only to collaborate and control large workplaces.

Reality: Social intranet services are customizable and can be personalized as per a company’s requirement. By getting these services from an experienced and reputable social intranet service provider, all the required features can be got by company of any size.

Social Intranet: Why Your Business Needs It

social Intranet


To achieve any business goal or to stay ahead of competitors, it is necessary for all employees of an organization to work together as a team. They are required to share knowledge and ideas throughout all the departments to make business grow and attain new heights of success. In today’s technically advanced world, social intranet is a tool that acts as a bridge between employees of an organization.

What Is Social Intranet?

It is a common platform for all employees of a company where they can communicate with each other, share information and discuss strategies to reach a common company goal. Social intranet not just saves time of information transferring and communication between employees, but also helps in increasing productivity and encouraging employees at all levels to have a smooth information flow with the top management.

Now the question is: What types of organizations require social intranet and why they need it? According to experts, social intranet is a helpful tool that organizations of all sizes- small and big- should use.

Why Business Needs Social Intranet?

Improved communication and employee engagement: Social intranet encourages employees to contribute in company goals and connect with each other to share their ideas.

Improved employee knowledge: When employees share ideas with each other, they learn from their senior and understand how to deal with complex business problems.

Cost-saving: Social intranet provides an online common platform to share information which means employees don’t need to personally visit other team members, or buy special software to store data.

Reduced risk and improved efficiency: There are minimal risks of data loss or hacking. In addition, quick data transformation allows employees to get feedback quickly and work on them.

How To Get Social Intranet Services?

To get effective and reliable social intranet services, a business should hire a service provider offering easy social intranet solutions at cost-effective prices.

Choosing Social Intranet For Your Business? Here’re Key Factors To Consider

To have a successful business, it is necessary to have an easy and effective information flow between every layer of employees of all departments. They should be socially connected to each other and must be given right resources to share important information with each other. Social intranet is a modern way to have a productive workplace where employees are provided various kinds of tools to maintain internal communication and transfer information quickly.

Social intranet is a beneficial digital way to have a well-connected workplace, but it is necessary to adopt it with serious planning. In addition to considering organization’s nature, it is essential to choose the right social intranet service provider. Here are key factors to consider while selecting social intranet solution for a business of any kind:

Collaborative intranet


Social intranet for all employees: Whether it’s the top management or any other position the employee holds in the company, they should be able to access the social intranet. They should be given the right to connect with other employees to share their ideas.

meeting- social Intranet


Communication and storage: The social intranet solution the service provider is offering should be easy to use and effective to connect all the company employees, so that they could easily communicate with each other and share information. In addition, they should be able to store and share data on the platform.

Two way Communication


Two-way communication: The employees should be allowed to share their ideas and get feedback quickly to make changes in their strategies.


attractive UI

Attractive UI: To make communication and data sharing interesting, a social platform with attractive user interface could be a great way. It will make easy for employees to access information and work on it.


common solution

Common solutions: Social intranet offering information and data storage easily should be chosen. It is necessary to allow all the employees to store their data on the platform, so that they could save time they spent on making Excel sheets.


Confused between Social Intranet and Enterprise Intranet? Read to Know best option for your business.

employee engagement

With the rising focus on incorporating social networking in a corporate setting, numerous platforms have come up to satiate this demand. The chief platforms include Social Intranet Software and Enterprise Social Networking. Both these platforms have stemmed and evolved from the traditional intranet software which was used by the company to communicate information to employees on a common website. The major dilemma companies seem to face is choosing the most optimal option between the two for their organization. While the choice depends on the culture and policies of the organization, there are unique features of these platforms that can help one make the right choice.

What is Enterprise Social Networking?

ESN makes use of the in-house intranet software as well as some third-party social media sites to provide an open platform for employees to post, comment, follow, like, and share.

What is Social Intranet Software?

This software combines the features of both, the conventional intranet software and the ENS, to develop a platform where employees at any position of the hierarchy in the company can communicate with each other. The software further incorporates tools such as multimedia creation, activity streams, blogs, chats, document management, and online search options to enable the employees to get work done through efficient communication and better connectivity.

Benefits of Social Intranet Software

By combining the software of intranet and functionality of enterprise networking and adding more tools, social intranet software offers the following functions:

  • Companies save expenses on buying and maintenance of multiple pieces of software.

  • Employees wouldn’t have to learn new social tools, thereby making it easy for the not so technology-savvy employees to communicate as well.

  • There is a common platform to share and find information, saving the employees from searching multiple channels for performing different functions.

  • This software can be configured to allow clients outside the firewall to access certain areas while protecting the internal communications.

  • Social intranet solutions are flexible and customized according to the functioning and culture of the specific organization.


Proven ways to make Social Intranet popular among employees

In the modern world, technology has evolved from just collecting and consuming information digitally to sharing it. Intranet has become a vital part of organizations of all sizes. It allows employees within an organization not just seeing important information, but also processing and reacting to it. Though various modern intranet tools, employees on a company’s network can share information with each other, discuss and use collaboration tools to work on a single task.

To avail the benefits of intranet, it is essential to encourage employees for social participation on intranets which depends on how the intranet tools are being used by the organization. In addition, the tools should be used in the right way. Plus, the interface must be employee-friendly and easy to use. Adopting new technology or simply installing the social intranet tools isn’t enough to make every employee participate on intranet and work as a team. Employees should be encouraged to adopt company’s online communities. Here’re some ways to do so:


Create Unique Content, Promote It     


employee engagement Some employees may hesitate to be the first to post new content over the intranet. By encouraging the employees to react to posted content instead of creating the new one can be a good way to make them take the first step. Creating new content regularly can increase employee participation on the intranet.



Top Management Should Take the Charge

 employee engagementActive social participation of top executives, managers and team leaders on new social tools can boost other employees and encourage them to spend time on the company intranet and work for a common goal.


Encourage Team Work

 employee engagement

In order to use intranet as a team tool, there should be common goal shared over the intranet. In addition, the platform should be used for discussion, sharing ideas and developing new strategies to meet the targets.



To use the above-mentioned methods, it is necessary to ensure continuous working of social intranet and features such as connection of every device, contribution reorganization, clarity on tasks, finding people and information sharing. The social intranet can turn things in favor of an organization by using services of a social intranet service provider that ensures connected and vibrant workplace by encouraging employees to communicate with each other through modern social intranet services.