Inorganic SEO

Why web development is important?

When we think about the Web development there are many things that come into mind. Launching a website & establishing a strong online existence is most important tactics & not an easy task to increase our accessibility, sales & visibility in Internet Market. That is why I.T (information & Technology) based companies try to find Why web development is important?

HTML 5 and SEO

HTML 5 is still in the creating but for any SEO expert, who tries to look ahead, some knowledge about HTML 5 and how it will blow SEO is not unnecessary information. It is true that the changes and the new ideas in HTML 5 will impact Web developers and designers much more than SEO HTML 5 and SEO

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

1.       Targeting the wrong keywords This is a mistake a lot of people make and what is worse – even experienced SEO experts make it. People select keywords that in their mind are descriptive of their website but the average users just may not search them. For instance, if you have a Top 10 SEO Mistakes