Top 7 SEO Idiots You Should Ignore

You may have come across many internet marketers offering SEO (search engine optimization) services in India. I have encountered some of the worse offshore SEO professionals in my life. We usually receive 100ds of spam emails every month offering their SEO services to us. They don’t even see what we are offering. We have clearly mentioned, we do not outsource but still they don’t care reading it or maybe they are trying their luck if those marketing words work on us.

1) Ignore those who don’t review your site: People simply come to your site; they fill up the form and go away spamming other businesses with their proposals. They often hire 8 – 10 professionals offshore and bombard you and your competitors with their offers. They are not SEO but hard core internet marketers doing cold calling or cold emailing. They don’t review your site and they claim they have reviewed it.

2) Ignore those who don’t report your site pros and cons: If that SEO who claims has reviewed your site, should be able to see the positives and negatives about your site. Simply ignore those who are simply saying they have visited but report you nothing in return. In fact those who have done research would submit their researched report. You should know what is good on your website and what is that requires to get improved. Logically your hired SEO would give you all the changes that need to be implemented and he shall also include its positive effects as well.

3) Ignore those who don’t give you a fixed quote: Ask for a price. If they say, we need to see and quote you later. Don’t agree to pay anything for reviewing and quoting. Go for a detailed proposal. Unless they don’t report you in detail, don’t hire them. Check on what they are offering and what they are charging. A fixed quote with proper SEO proposal is required before you agree to anything.

4) Ignore those who don’t give you estimated achievements: KPI (Key Performance Indicators) has to be decided in advance. That’s what you pay for. If the results are not achieved, your investment goes wasted. You get nothing in return. There is no point hiring that SEO who can’t even promise you estimated results.

5) Ignore those who are at distant: I don’t mean necessarily you should ignore. But when you have options available locally, why hire an offshore SEO for this job. Increase more employment. Be a country man. Honestly, dealing with local is more enjoyable than dealing with an unknown offshore SEO guy. Try hiring local SEO for your SEO services. Mostly, you will find some who works at your rate and fit within your budget. Language barrier will of course be there all the time as mostly they are poor in communicating in English.

6) Ignore those who don’t show you their previous success: Ask for previous examples where they have been successful. You need to hire a professional and experienced SEO for your site. If he has performed well, he doesn’t need to approach you. He would get more referring clients on own.

7) Ignore those who didn’t perform on their own website: Check what they have got for their own website. Did they really do well for their own site? If not, you can also ignore them. You cannot trust anyone who is unable to perform on own website. Ask the list of keywords they have targeted for their own website. Verify them. In this case, I would even insist to hire an offshore SEO company if they did well doing SEO for their own website.

Expand Your Knowledge with SEO

When we are done with our schooling and further education, we need to be well prepared for the professional environment we would be facing afterwards. As compared to the past, competition in every field has increased many folds. We need to have a skill at hand to secure a well paying job especially in Mumbai. To make life easier for the job seekers in the city, there are many institutes which provide SEO training classes to the young and old. This has been hailed by the people of the city because this is one professional degree which does not require any special background of education. As long as you know how to operate a computer and understand how the internet works, you are eligible to learn Search Engine Optimization.

We recommend learning about Search Engine Optimization not only to the job seekers, but also to the businessmen of the city. As we are all aware that businesses are moving towards the internet at a rapid speed. The future of every business now relies on the internet and soon we will find every business of the city on the internet. If you are a business man and you are planning to expand your business on a larger scale, it is obvious that you will be thinking about having your own website. This the moment you will be looking to take SEO training in Mumbai. Having a website made does not mean that you will start getting customers on it by magic. There is a huge mechanism which operates the internet and you will have to make your website blend in with the flow to get customers on it.

Every internet user will agree to the fact that we now rely on the search engines completely we seek. There are a million websites on almost every topic, searching each and the required information is not possible by a human being. This is a task done best by the search engine and every internet user acknowledges it. The web giant search engine Google is one of the most used search engines globally. Now every website owner has to make his website according to the guidelines set by Google to achieve better ranking and get customers. The SEO training classes teach these guidelines and the methods to apply them in your working style so that your website would not go to waste.

Hire SEO Experts Services from India

Any business whose website is listed on the web needs the proper SEO experts services through which his website can show better results on various search engines as compared to its global or local competitors, so that it can reflect into the revenue generated through the web. Hire SEO experts, who can use these techniques to gain the desired results through proper optimization, which is absolutely inevitable for the website holders to take up if they need to get their website on the higher search results on the search engines.

To Hire SEO experts, for effective SEO expert’s services, a lot of vigilance needs to be exercised. You have a whole list of SEO experts services providers to go through and unsurprisingly, every second company in town will claim to be the best available service provider in that area. Are you naive enough to buy into that? If you are shrewd indeed, then it makes no sense to take such reasons at face value and just follow them blindly.

SEO process followed by dedicated SEO experts of India aim to make a website’s content, design and keywords fit according to a search engine’s HTML coding and indexing requirements. SEO experts services India first of all try to identify the targeted people who will be interested in your business product.

For this a dedicated SEO experts services will do a niche market research before making any website promotion strategy for you. When you hire SEO experts services India, the major advantage that you can gain here is getting the good SEO experts services that guarantee you the results that you require for your website or the online business. SEO experts services India that you would hire would be able to give you the services like- SEO experts India works exclusively on your project.

A SEO experts India being already trained, starts working from day one and helps you save time and money. The wide experience of the SEO experts India helps him identify your requirements and offer solutions. SEO experts India should have proven accomplishments in several search engine optimization campaigns. SEO experts India manage your offshore SEO campaign economically. You can get the entire website analysis and reporting that includes the detailed study about your website through which you will be able to get complete idea as to what needs to be worked upon in the website, if you proper hire SEO experts. Hire SEO experts India, to get the on-site optimization done, which means and includes the measures to make your website absolutely search engine friendly with the help of meta tag generation, content development, keyword analysis, image optimization, website speed optimization, scripts optimization, developing keyword rich domain names, etc.

All these are very important services for any website to get them the best search engine results so that more business can be begotten than the several competitors. The professional article submission, link submission, link building services, link popularity building, etc on the higher PR websites is another important thing that would be cared by the SEO experts India. Highly effective internet marketing or the online marketing strategies for your business is other effective thing that is done by the SEO experts India. Other things like web promotions, pay-per click management, identification & usage of the better keywords/ key phrases, press release optimization, RSS Feed promotions are also done, if you hire SEO experts India. You can hire SEO experts India services that can provide you with the services and the features mentioned above very effectively for your business.

There are lots of benefits that you can get once you hire SEO experts services India, which are listed below: You can hire SEO experts India on hourly, weekly and monthly basis and can also make payments on the same pattern such that which is time savvy, money as well as resources and utilize the same for the other productive tasks of your business. You can hire SEO experts India to get the relevant SEO services for your business as these experts are highly experienced as well as hold a very good knowledge about the SEO techniques to give you the best services for your business.

To hire SEO expert’s services is one hell of a task, as your job is ease in front of you. Once you have the right SEO experts India on board, then never will you have to worry about the site not performing well. The rate of failure goes into decimals, with the success rate shooting through the roof. You would be a big moron if you were to overlook all these attributes and choose somebody different. These virtues cannot be bypassed, they are meant to be embraced and relished.