Why Indian companies are betting big on AI?

Here’s why……
It’s now a frantic race and you will have to speed up. Companies are now readily diverting more and more resources towards AI capabilities.

Artificial intelligence in Intranet
Artificial intelligence in Intranet

Today fast growing firms intensifies its focus on building a strong data repository, all thanks to the explosive growth of interactions, to catalyses the adoption of AI(Artificial intelligence) .

Companies today use machine learning to train its systems to vastly expand the languages, colloquialisms, words and strings customers.

In India, arguably Swiggy is the first tech star to implement AI. Previously, Google, Flipkart, Paytm, and several other global players have all invested in and acquired companies to boost AI.

From the past few years, start ups and large companies have been relatively running small experiments with AI. But now the space is accelerating, for evidence; unicorns are diverting in this direction.

AI votaries are pushing company’s to invest in it, but here the challenge is to make sure these investments make good returns and not get lost in bureaucracy,
Several factors have pushed the growth of AI around the world

1. Availability of huge data sets
2. The leaps in processing competence with the emergence of GPUs (graphics processing unit)
3. Enhancement in cloud technology
4. The growing complexity of machine learning and self-improving algorithms.

Even though there’s widespread debate on its utility and applications, AI has still managed to become some sort of magic wand to wave at all tech problems.
Fresher’s focusing on niche areas in AI are receiving investor backing, winning deals and customers and, most notably, specialists in the field, like data scientists, are in huge demand.

Statistics showcased that in 2016 India ranked third among G20 countries, measured by the number of AI-focused startups, which have increased since 2011 at a compound annual growth rate of 86%, which is higher than the global average.

Limitations of AI:

Restrictions in the Indian market however could slow the AI momentum.

Quality of data :

In India, the quality of data continues to be an issue. The range of diverse demographics, languages and cases limit the consumer applications to learn on the go.

Under-invested by risk capital providers :

Secondly, India’s startups focusing on AI continue to be under-invested by risk capital investment providers, compared to China and the US.

The applications of artificial intelligence have boosted at an accelerating rate and showing signs of great economical impact.

Creative Social Intranet today works immensely on the AI platform and has seen this remarkable growth and scope in many of its features. It gets particularly interesting for all to know what AI can bring to organizations through the role it can play in the digital workplace as represented by the Creative Social intranet’s platform.
Hence it is currently become a hot topic for us at Creative Social Intranet and for our peers, as to how AI can be implemented and what value should it bring to the employee experience.

Listed below are Three possible worthy implementations of AI in a company intranet, among many others and these are likely to drive future decisions we make for integrating AI technology into Creative Social Intranet Platform.

1. Chat bot

The AI Chabot plan ahead about queries that would come from the user. Creative Social Intranet is focusing on AI driven chatbot that is more quick and intelligent to be launched in 2019.
In basic terms, a chatbot that is able to think what to do when a user places his request.

So what you want your chatbot to do?
You can either make the chatbot assist the user or collect information and data from the user.
As soon as this cycle moves ahead, the chatbot knows the action it has to take to help the user effectively. The chatbot now needs to act.

In simple terms, chatbot must think what to do when a user places his request. The chatbot must convert orders received from a user into an understandable form and then store it in a knowledge base and then the chatbot takes action to achieve pre-defined goals.

2.Booking meeting rooms

Your day is filled with various types of meetings. Creative Social Intranet set them all up.
Creative Social Intranet AI Assists in the best possible manner as far as booking your busy meeting schedules is concerned

  • Set up, reschedule and cancel meetings on request
  • Insert meeting details and update whenever prompted plan instantly with co-workers
  • Book conference rooms, meeting rooms as per request
  • Let you set up meetings for other people other then company employees.
  • Accommodations for all parties with time zone management
  • Consider follow ups when guests are unresponsive
  • Negotiate meetings with multiple participants
  • No last minute surprises! Pre planning
  • Reminders for meetings scheduled atleast 10+ days in advance

3.Employee engagement

Engaging Employees: The Struggle Is Real For Organizations
Employee engagement includes creating a holistic environment that promotes employee role, skill development, recognition and mental health.
Previously before artificial intelligence, the methods adopted to boost employee engagement have not shown desired results. Artificial intelligence has really empowered companies to tackle the engagement challenge, efficiently.
Creative Social Intranet’s Artificial intelligence has shown a great impact in turning things around when it comes to employee engagement.

Using artificial intelligence implemented solutions, organizations today can:

  • Engage employees effectively
  • Provide 24*7 assistance and support
  • Monitor organization performance in real-time
  • Smoothen learning and development activities
  • Employee onbaording and retaining
  • Workflow management

At a fundamental level, almost all of companies member data is generated by members themselves. As a result, one company might have a job called “senior hr manager,” while at another company, the same role would have the title “lead hr head.” Multiply this by millions of member profiles and it becomes clear that providing a good search experience for recruiters, where all of these varying job titles show up, can be a very challenging task.

Creative Social Intranet looks into standardizing that data in a way that AI systems can understand. It will be a good search experience, and that standardization involves both human and machine efforts.

The taxonomies of titles are related. Understanding these relationships allows us to infer advanced search which uses AI to find the related terms and suggest best closest to the users targeted keyword.

Currently, AI is being seen as an effective powerful tool for boosting employee engagement and improving the way people are being recruited, trained and retained in organizations around the world.

Social Intranet: A Business-Friendly, Productive Interface With ‘Wow’ Features

Company communication portal

Days are over when company communication portal was a boring interface where only business people belonging to top management of a company was connected to each other to perform a few tasks. It was less business friendly and more just a platform to mark a company’s presence over a social intranet. In this era of social intranet, even managers had to use different platforms to connect to employees, bring them together and make them work for a company objective.

Modern Social Intranet Brought Revolution

Traditional Social Intranet was boring, less interactive and with a handle of business-friendly features. This led to downfall in its demand. But as social intranet is necessary for an organization to connect employees with each other and perform lots of tasks together in the digital world, lots of good changes were made in it.


Company communication portal

Unlike traditional intranet, the modern-day social intranet is interactive, interesting and offers two-way communication. Employees not just can connect to each other, but can also talk to their managers and give their inputs. There are lots of other interesting features have been added to the modern intranet which make it a widely used platform by companies of types. Some of the features are:

  • Efficient connections among employees as well as managers

  • Authorship to many employees to create content

  • Mobile functionality

  • Employee ID

  • Group pages

  • Advanced Search

  • Easy announcements

  • Instant feedback

Get Creative Social Intranet Services To Add ‘Wow’ To Your Social Intranet

Social intranet can be an advanced collaboration tool in a company of any size if it is used in its best way. Creative Social Intranet can help you in launching the platform to get the best of it. All the best features with maintenance will be given to get desired results from the digital tool.

Predictions On Next Social Intranet Trends

EnvironmentSocial intranet is modern business tool to develop a digital environment in a company where company employees are connected to each other in a way where they can communicate with each other, share important documents and do lots of things to achieve a common objective in an interesting and productive way. But intranet wasn’t always like this. Its role in an organization has improved with time, and it is a vital part in modern business world.

But this is not the best of social intranet tool as it is expected to grow in near future. What is going to happen with social intranet? How it will be more business friendly? Here are trends to expect:

  • Next version of social intranet application is expected to be more intelligent where employees will be able to perform activities over the platform more quickly and easily. There will an enhanced role of AI in social intranet which is expected to bring more intelligent services.

  • Social intranet portal of a company will be used to develop serious strategies, mostly digital, with team members over the network. These strategies will allow companies to make quick decisions and have more productivity.

  • Social Intranet will deliver more to workforce with new upgrades and enhanced functionality by supporting various digital devices and better mobile experience.

  • Focus will be on digital workplace instead of physical. Employees will be able to do most of their duties over the intranet.

  • Decent search experience will enter the digital workplace. In this way, employees will be able to search documents and information they require quickly.


  • These are some of the predicted changes in upcoming social networking intranet which will change the way platform is used today. But to make the most of social intranet, a company is needed to use the best services of an experienced service provider like Creative Social Intranet. The company’s experts keep a close eye on intranet updates and provide services based on that.

    Social Intranet Is Much More Than Communication And Information Sharing. How?

    Digital workplaceSocial intranet is lifeline of any kind of digital workplace. The platform is used by big as well as small organizations to bring all employees, including remote employee, together and work for a common goal. The basic benefits of company intranet are communication and knowledge sharing among team members. Employees can effectively communicate with each other and share data in a secure manner.

    But modern-day social intranet serves several other purposes too, which are usually overlooked by companies. By utilizing the platform to the fullest, a company can make its employees more productive and dedicated workers.

    Here’s what makes social intranet more than just a communication tool:

    • Advanced social intranet software of an organization can improve transparency throughout the company. This leads to trust among employees and make them work together as a team.Transparency

    • Top management or some authorized employees in a company can post and manage content to help low level employees know new changes in the company and new plans. These employees can access the content even from remote region with access to the platform and read what’s important for them.

    • Increase in usage of intranet solutions can eliminate employees’ dependency on other platforms and make them access social intranet whenever they want something related to the company. In this way, they don’t need to use multiple platforms to do their daily tasks.

    • Managers and top level employees can track activities and work progress through the Internet. They can also assign task and give feedback to employees through the same source.

    Why Experts For Social Intranet?

    Social intranet software can only be beneficial when it is being used in the right way. In addition, its services should be taken from experience service provider. Creative Social Intranet has advanced services to meet social intranet demands of every type of business.

    Social Intranet: Why It’s Best Solution For Collaborative Working

    Insufficient or incorrect information can impact collaborative working in a company and further affects its objective. As a company can have tremendous amount of information to be shared among employees, it becomes necessary to distribute it in an effective and secure way. There are various traditional tools and technologies to share data, but they are slow and not easily accessible. The best approach here is: Social intranet. Why?

    Collaborative workingIn the modern business world, a company can have employees working from various regions of the globe. To make them work with other employees and let them access all beneficial sources, it is necessary to bring them on a common platform. Company social intranet software is one such tool. It not just ensures uninterrupted and secure communication among employees, but also allows them share information and lets them discuss strategies with each other. Here’s what more it offers:

    • Freedom from obstacles like other resources or platforms for knowledge sharing. Various tasks can be performed at one place. This increases productivity of an employee.

    • Common resources to perform tasks in the right way.

    • Ideas can be discussed with other employees to get precious feedback.

    • Employees can freely talk to each other and share documents with each other.

    • Features like discussion forums, blogs or team meetings can lead to trustworthy relationship among employees and let them work for a common goal.


    Through social intranet, a company can save its employees’ time and allow them to be more productive at workplace. But to make the most of social intranet for collaboration, it is necessary to get the services from a trustworthy provider. Creative Social Intranet provides the best tools to bring employees together in an effective way and get the best social intranet services.