Transforming Into a Paperless Office via Paperless Employees

How will u explain the term Paperless Office?

Well, a paperless office, also termed as a paper-free office, is a work environment where primarily digital documents are used in place of physical paper. In short; very minimal use of physical paper.

Similarly a paperless worker is an employee who has eliminated or greatly lessened the use of paper in the workplace.

Thus digitization is the process of converting physical paper files into electronic files.

The thought of an entirely paperless office has emerged since personal computers became the basic of the digital workplace.

Still regardless of the occurrence of electronic documents and files, most companies still rely on paper documents. From handouts at meetings to HR on boarding documents to receipts, many business processes still revolve around paper.

Yet, we can’t ignore that are many benefits of going paperless; from saving resources to boosting security listed below our its benefits.

Benefits of Going Paperless

1. Saves Time

A lot of Time is spent in filing, organizing, searching and relocating paper documents. This same time could be spent on more effectively in productive tasks.

Digitized documents are electronic documents that are stored in a central depository, which is mainly a well-organized digital filing cabinet where all of your documents are kept.

With the use of Creative Social Intranet’s digital document management system, you’ll get the same powerful search efficiency that you experience using Google. This means employees can find files at just a click of a button, much much more faster than the lengthy, manual process of searching a specific file in an obscured folder.

2. Saves ample Space

Is unarguable that paper takes up a lot of space – and so do filing cabinets and again the ample space to store those filing cabinets.

Not to forget Books and book shelves are massive too.

What’s even worse and needs consideration is that paper keeps piling up, making it more difficult to sort and organize.

This is particularly true in financial industries that have long mandatory retention periods.

Creative Social Intranets digitizing of files helps you to store all important documents and files either on an on-premises server or on cloud.

3. Saves Money

Time is money. Thus, saving time and space indirectly saves your money.

Going digital advances your process effectiveness, in short saving your money.

In the same amount of time your Paperless offices can process a much larger degree of paperwork in comparison to traditional offices.

Adding to this, digitization also reduces the ample money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage and office selves for files and also the employee time spent to manage paperwork.

This savings of employee time can become especially valuable with regards to regulatory audits and recurring, high-volume tasks like expense reimbursements.

4. Effortless Transfer of Information

Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software offers a simple process for saving documents.

This software easily assembles digital documents using scanners, mobile capture images using a camera on a phone or tablet or importing any file type (.docx, .pdf, image files).

Applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat allow you to file your document into your content management system with just one click.

5. Supports the Environment

Paper and paper products manufacturing produces greenhouse gases, causing deforestation and global warming which is hazardous to OUR environment.

Recycling can offset some portion of the environmental impact, but not much.

Eventually this paper finally ends up in a landfill. Also, ink and toners used contains explosive compounds and non-renewable substances which are damaging the environment.

All these focuses us more to simply reduce paper use altogether by switching to a paperless office.

6. Boosts Security

Physical documents are hard to locate –paper can get lost, misfiled or get destroyed without getting noticed.

It can also be complicated to supervise the access, printing and copying of sensitive important files.

Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software has advanced security capabilities which can tackle these challenges and much more.

System administrators can arrange granular access rights, which will assign permissions at the document level (e.g. settings on the type of document), user level (e.g. settings on person’s job function), and system level (e.g. overarching security for all data in the system), promising security at all levels.

The security benefits of a paperless workplace rise above access rights. Execution of document management software also allows organizations to influence electronic signatures, redact private and confidential information, create audit trails and much more.