Brands like Jabong are introducing Social intranet for their employees

Online fashion giant Jabong started a fresh buzz among its employees with ‘Destination f’. ‘Destination f’ is the name of its new mobile social intranet. As the name suggested this social intranet empowers employees to access companies policy, participate in active inside polls, update projects , initiate official chat with their colleagues and more with their mobile.


As per the Ananth Narayan , CEO at Jabong “A latest study by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) this year links higher employee engagement and business performance with mobile-optimized working environments leading to increased productivity, creativity, satisfaction, and loyalty. As a front runner in innovation, Jabong is again taking the lead in engaging with our young workforce and creating a more responsive work environment through this mobile intranet. With 70 per cent of our business revenues coming from mobile, it also dovetails nicely with our technology strengths in leveraging this platform for our internal customers.”

Social Intranet

By adopting Social Intranet, Jabong has put itself in the premier list of Digital Enterprise.

A digital enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations. (Source


With the help of Social Intranet, organizations are not only increasing their productivity but also employees loyalty too. There is a quick lift in the number of companies adopting social intranet because of various advantages it offers.

Some of the key benefits of social intranet are:
  • Stay connected with your colleagues at their ease. (with its Mobile, Laptop/Tab and desktop adaptability)
  • Increase Collaboration : Discuss ideas and issue in groups, participate in corporate social responsibility suggest colleagues and more.
  • Enhance Data Management : easy to access employee policies and other employee docs, share project reports and documents to concern person without the hassle of email.
  • Expanded Compatibility : Social intranet work adequately with servers and in Cloud framework. Also they are good with your legacy intranet systems too.

Jabong saw an the immediate uplift in employee engagement after launching ‘Destination f’. As per Deepa Chadha, chief human resource officer at Jabong adds, “What is driving engagement especially among the millennial is the ease with which employees are able to connect with their colleagues at Jabong with just a click on mobile. The maximum number of likes that I have got from our team are for posts sharing my experiences and for pictures of Jabong products being delivered to delight our customers.”


Creative Social Intranet is one such solution. Creative customized social intranet to sync its theme with your company’s dynamic culture. It rejuvenates the employees association with your organization. As it provides various engaging opportunities like Polls, Photo & videos sharing, forums and much more. Also with its real time updates on comments, announcements and news streaming, it serve as a simple tool to spread information fast and accurate. Innovative Social Creative Intranet applications work adequately with servers and in addition to cloud framework. They can be customized with your legacy intranet systems too.

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(Jabong News source: afaqs)