SEO a marketing must: Consumers favor organic results

SEO a marketing must: Consumers favor organic results

Date: 06-May-2011

It has been reported that paid search spend is on the climb this year, and while paid search is a significant part of internet marketing, brands should take note that consumers spend more time with organic results than paid ones. A new report from User Centric points out that organic results command searchers’ attentions.
The survey intended to make out whether internet users are more engaged by paid search ads on Google or Bing, but it seems to show that organic results are the final winners. The study found that the mass of consumers look at paid search ads, but 100 percent of searchers pay particular attention to organic results.
For the record, Google ads get more attention than Bing ads. Consumers who consider paid ads spend nine-tenths of a second looking at paid search ads on the top of Google result pages, while they spend just seven-tenths of a second looking at paid ads on the top of Bing pages. But the amount of time spent looking at paid search results considerably pales in comparison to the time spent with organic results.
Searchers spend up to 14.7 seconds looking at the organic results offered in Google. They spend an average of 10.7 seconds with organic results on Bing. Perhaps naturally, higher-ranking results command more attention than lower-ranking results on both sites.
For marketers, this indicates that search engine optimization strategies are a valuable method of attracting clicks from internet users. Compelling headlines, quality content in rich snippets and recurrent updates reflected by recent dates of page publication will be vital in demonstrating the relevancy of content.


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