Social Intranet Software To Deal With Legacy Intranet Fails

intranetSocial intranet has been a part of business since a long time, yet its impressive results are elusive. A survey few years ago stated that most of the organizations didn’t get what they were expecting from their social intranet. It was the reason popularity of social intranet dropped for some time and a few people started predicting the end of intranet. But social intranet bounced back and eliminated all the fails of traditional intranet. Today, many companies use the advanced social intranet software to perform a lot of business tasks.

Features of Modern Intranet

Today’s social intranet has a number of key features, such as:

  • Employee Collaboration

  • News sharing

  • Mobile-friendly services

  • Improved chat experience

  • Data sharing

  • Forum discussion, blog writing, comments

  • Celebrate success

  • Find employees, data with easy-to-use search tools

  • Reports and feedback


How Modern Social Intranet Is Improvement Over Traditional Intranet

The traditional intranet had many issues which were reasons behind its downfall. The improved version made necessary changes, such as:

Improved Communication: The modern intranet removed all communication barriers within a company and allowed its employees to talk to each other without any hesitation. These employees were also allowed to share ideas and important data with each other.

Reduced Email Overload: The modern intranet eliminated the need of email and reduced the burden of thousands of emails. Employees using the platform can choose important messages to read and respond.

Enhanced Project Collaboration: Modern intranet can be accessed through any smart device which means employees can collaborate for a project even when they are in remote regions. This feature wasn’t available in traditional intranet.

Modern social intranet is beneficial only if it is implemented in the right way and there are experts handling it. Creative Social Intranet has all modern social intranet solutions to bring impressive results for an organization.

Social Intranet: How Deployment Time Is Crucial In Company Success


Social intranet has given a new and easy way of communication to organizations of all kinds. It can connect employees with each other, even when they are at remote locations, and let them share documents over a common network. There are lots of other advantages too of the social intranet, but intranet wasn’t like this always.

Traditional Intranet And Changes It Had

Traditional intranet wasn’t as useful as the modern intranet is for many businesses. It was with a boring, outdated experience to users, while the personalization was also for limited people of an organization. Apart from that, its usage was also limited to only some people, and its features were only a few. It was the reason the intranet wasn’t much popular among businesses.

However it changed with time, and now it has remarkable features that not just connect employees also but let them engage in interest way. They can communicate with each other, share documents, posts blogs, participate in blogs and also comment on them. In addition, managers can assign tasks and monitor employee performance.

Importance of Deployment Time

The social network software should be deployed after ensuring that all the aspects and requirements have been taken care of. In addition, people to be involved, features to be used and how to maintain it in future should be considered. Apart from that, employees should also be given proper training to use the platform. Once all this is done, the social intranet can be deployed.

Creative Social Intranet For Social Intranet Deployment

Creative Social Intranet understands the needs to deploy the software and consider all the precautionary measures while launching it. In addition, its maintenance and update is also handled by the company to ensure that all the features are accessible to all employees.

How Social Intranet Improves Company Culture


Culture of a company is one of the leading factors that are needed to get success. According to business experts, organizations can improve their firm value by maintaining a good company culture. It is a factor which decides if employees of an organization are committed to their duties or not. So in order to stay on track to taste success, it is necessary to keep on working on company culture to make it more beneficial for both the organization and employees.

Social Intranet For Improved Company Culture

Social intranet helps in taking all company employees on a common platform where they can communicate and share ideas to work towards a common goal. In addition, social intranet software of an organization can also help top management identify the best employees.

More social intranet does to improve company culture:

  • Social intranet is modern platform that allows a company’s HR department to stay connected with other employees, even when they are at remote locations.

  • Social intranet improves employee engagement over the network and allows people of different departments to communicate with each other and share knowledge.

  • Social intranet provides an employee-friendly environment where they can trust each other and share their ideas to achieve a common goal. In addition, it increases transparency and leads to a healthy connection among all employees.

  • Top management or managers can give feedback to low levels employees anytime and check their productivity. With quick feedback, employees can improve their performance. Culture

In this way, social intranet of a company can serve as a hub to collaborate employees and improve company culture. But all these opportunities of social intranet can be availed by getting the software service from experienced company, like Creative Social Intranet. The service provider has all modern tools and experienced experts to provide these services.

Social Intranet Statistics: Will It Improve Employee Engagement In Your Company?

Numerous organizations including companies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, as well as religious institutions are adopting social intranet to not only smoothen the work process but also to give impetus to employee engagement. While this intranet is changing how personal communication is carried out in organizations, some employers may still be apprehensive to inculcate this in their workplace. Here are some statistics that show how social intranet can have an effect on the different areas revolving around employee performance:

  1. Employee Engagement


With 94% of managers adopting the latest social intranet tools to give a boost to internal communications, over 50% of organizations have achieved premium performance from their employees owing to installation of intranet. Moreover, businesses have recorded about 18% increase in employee engagement. With over 60% employees being introduced to colleagues who can assist them in their job, only about 25% employees felt the need to leave their department and intranet to physically approach a senior for guidance.

  1. Productivity

While some may consider social intranet to be distractive and a platform that can affect productivity, it is in fact a highly useful tool to help increase the efficiency of working and the resultant output. According to MIT, employees using this platform are 7% more productive that their counterparts and the McKinsey Global Institute found records of about 20-25% increase in output.

  1. Employee Retention


It has been found by researchers at Forbes that about 59% of employees make use of social media to build interaction with their colleagues. This displays the importance of socializing which can be facilitated by intranet and the employers can monitor the conversations as well to prevent misuse. Moreover, over 30% of millennials would consider leaving if not given access to social media applications.

These statistics duly display the vital role played by an effective social intranet in the advancement of your organization. Creative social intranet further provides a solution that best suits your particular needs and goals.

Social Intranet – Effective Ways To Boost Workplace Collaboration

CollaborationCollaboration is an important business tool in the modern world to maintain a culture in an organization. To bring all employees, including employees from remote regions, on a common platform, small as well as large organizations have been using social intranet software. It allows employees to communicate with each other, share ideas and work for a common goal.

What are the ways that social intranet uses to boost collaboration in an organization:

Employee Recognition: Small companies may have a few employees, but large business can have hundreds of thousands of people working for a common objective. In addition, these employees may be present at different locations, or far from each other. Social intranet portal of a company not just connects these employees with each other, but also provides them information on each of them through unique employee id. This includes their name, employee id number and detail about their duties in the company.

Interesting Platform To Communicate: Through social intranet, employees not just communicate with each other, but also share information in an interesting way. In addition, they can take part in forum discussions, write blogs or comment on already written piece of writing over the platform.

Enhanced Connection With Top Management: The social intranet network of a company can also be used to develop a connection between top level employees and low level employees. Through the platform, managers can assign tasks to employees and can also follow employee activities. In addition, they can ask for report and give feedback to the employees. On the other side, employees can ask queries to managers and get solutions.


Although social intranet application is the best solution for effective workplace collaboration, it should be used in its best form. Creative Social Intranet provides the most modern social of social intranet and helps the organization in developing an effective connection between all employees.