Creative Intranet A Better Solution For Enterprise Than Facebook Workplace – HOW?

Creative Intranet A Better Solution For Enterprise Than Facebook Workplace. How?creative

Facebook, undoubtedly, is a fantastic medium on the Internet to connect to friends sitting in distant worldwide regions. But when it’s about using the social network to manage communication and information sharing within a company, there’re lots of issues with Facebook. Instead of the social networking website, a company should install Creative Intranet, which not just connect employees in a secure manner but also provide them a private network where they can share crucial company information without any fear.

Here’s more on why Creative Intranet, instead of Facebook for a workplace:

Creative Intranet


It’s a private network of an organization where only company employees are present to communication and share information.

Facebook is an open network where people from all across the globe are present. They can access some amount of information of any user over the network.

A huge amount of data can be shared or transferred over the network without the fear of getting lost. Permissions can be given over the social intranet, which means only authorized people can access the document.

It offers a limited amount of data sharing. In addition, documents cannot be edited here.

Documents can be managed as per the need. For example, if top management wants only a few people to access a file, only the authorized people will get it.

When a file or document is shared in Facebook group, it shows up in activity stream, like public profile.

Employees can manage the documents sent over the network.

Groups feature of Facebook doesn’t come up with any kind of document management facility.

Advanced technologies, like, can be used to develop the intranet according to the company requirement.

Only the facilities given by the social media websites can be availed by users.

Creative Web Mall can help you design, develop and launch the most advanced version of creative social intranet to ensure effective working within the company. All the services are valuable and cost-effective.

Modernizing Business Processes With Enterprise Content Management System

Business ProcessTo stay ahead in today’s competitive business world, an organization is required to solve complex challenges quickly. In addition, right strategies should be followed to ensure that all objectives are meeting and the company is experiencing success. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is one such tool that works fundamentally to make improvement in business and stay competitive.

Here’s how to make use of ECM to ensure success for business:

Right Start: It is essential to make a plan in the beginning. It should be decided that what is going to be promoted and if the planned solution is meeting the requirements.

Understand Outcomes: The right ECM solution will help a company grow and stay competitive. The ECM chosen should helpful, time-consuming and with definite results.

Right Deployment: The ECM solution should be with outcomes, but before that, it should be deployed on the right time and in the right way. There are various types of deployment options, such as On-premises, Cloud-based and hybrid. In this, right and the most flexible one should be opted.

ECM Solution Conversion: Here, things to consider are reduced costs, improved and efficient solution. Apart from that, risk factors and technical risks should also be considered in this.

Business Process

Right Vendor: The ECM service provider should be the experienced vendor with years of experience in the field. Apart from that, the vendor must have advanced and cost-effective ECM solutions to offer.

Why Creative Web Mall?

Social intranet software is an advanced technology to bring employees of a company on a common platform in an effective and interesting manner. Over the platform, employees can communicate with each other, share data, have group discussions and post content. Creative Web Mall helps launch social intranet in the most advanced form in a company so that the best of this feature could be availed by a company.

10 Reasons Why Projects Go Above Budget? How Creative Intranet Software Helps In Effective Project Management

Projects going above the planned budget’ is common even in the modern business world where various kinds of technical tools and advanced tricks are used to handle every business activity. By identifying the causes and fixing them, productivity and efficiency within an organization can be improved. In this method, Creative Intranet Software can serve as a great help. Here are reasons behind project going above budget and role of the software:

  1. No Or Poor Communication: Throughout the project, an effective communication is always needed between all the project members. These members could be from different departments of an organization. Creative Intranet Software brings them all on a common platform, where they can share information, project progress and future plans.

  1. Lack of Experience: Individuals with years of experience are necessary to handle project. Creative Intranet Software can be used to stay connected with experienced employees and get help from them on different project processes.


  1. Mistakes By Employees: It is obvious that some employees will make some mistakes while handling the project, which may increase the overall budget. By using a common social online platform, every step related to the project can be discussed with other projects members to eliminate mistakes.


  1. Waste of Material Or On-site Damage: Sometimes, workers could not use the available resources in the right way, or they damage some tools while performing their duties. By using Creative Intranet Software, project members can discuss how to use resources in an accurate manner and how to avoid damage while performing the designated duties.


  1. Absence of Employee: Sometimes, some employees may need a break from their work due to some personal issue. There are chances that assistance from the absent employees is needed for the project’s process. When Creative Intranet Software is used, employees can contact rest of the team members and help them in surpassing hurdles anytime and from anywhere.


  1. Extra Time To Complete Task: Some employees, sometimes, may take extra time to finish their duties. It may be due to several reasons. Experienced professionals can assists such employees on Creative Intranet Software and help them complete their tasks on time.

  1. Unfavorable Environment: In an organization, a situation may occur where some tools stop working. This may lead to time waste. But if Creative Intranet Software is being used, employees can work with their other digital devices and continue contributing in the project.


  1. Poor Future Planning: When only one, two or a few people are allowed to make decision for the overall working of a project, then there are chances of taking poor decision for the future. Creative Intranet Software brings all project members of a common place where they can make decisions for the project’s future processes.


  1. Inaccurate Resource Allocation: To ensure right progress of a project, resources should be allocated in the right manner. Top management can use Creative Intranet Software to ensure the resources are being used in the right manner and track the progress on them.


  1. Lack in Relationship With Consumers: Those who are going to use the project can also affect the overall cost of it. Creative Intranet Software can help in identifying what consumes think of the project and what changes they want to see in it.