Information overload

Information overload

Date: 21-Dec-2013

People like the idea of being informed. But the idea of information delivery without noise seems to be one that cannot be realized easily or cheaply. That is the impression one gets when one looks at online news delivery plarforms.

The news more often than not threatens to become redundant as soon as the webpage loads completely on the browser of the user. The user usually cannot be relied upon to sympathize with the need of the company to advertise. The user will lose interest in the content and will leave the webpage or even close it. The user will get neither the news the user came in for nor the the advertisers message. The user/visitor will perhaps lose out on the news the user was looking for. But most importantly, this is not something the news agency or the news company wants to happen on a regular basis. The news agency will not only lose out on readership later on and therefore advertising revenue, this might affect the existence of the whole corporate entity.

The presence of too many colours and closely placed text will not help the reader get the message quickly and then have a look at the advertisement, which is of course what the idea is supposed to be. The user gets too many distractions in the form of other articles, adverisements and social network interaction buttons.

Information overload is also compared to the day on which peope go on eating binges and nights on which people go on drinking binges. Information overload affects the users capability to take good decisions. Information overload is certainly bad for business.



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