Intranet Design Trends 2019 – Less is more

Intranet Design Trends 2019 - Less is more

Employee survey statistics 2018 says that, employees use intranet only when they have a purpose. To find something as quick as possible or to share some data with their colleagues or to the mass.


Intranet groups which created based on some interest, job profiles have gained more preferences in 2018 and has appealed employees. Since they get the information related to their needs, saves time and fastens communication. Intranet groups are a fantastic means of determining the collective opinion and requirements of the intranet and other digital workplace tools. Despite the emerging of daily new intranet software in the market, one over-arching employee requirement is still more important than all others: less is more.

Less or Zero scrolling

As said above, over the past years survey statistics,it is succinctly summed up that employees don’t scroll over the intranet, they generally search for what they want, and then they are off the screen. This means that the homepage of your intranet must be simple and easy to digest at a glance. The days of long scrolling pages for the sake of ‘information sent’ are long gone. Scrolling pages are good on the Internet, but not for the intranet home page. Some users don’t mind a little scrolling on the home page, and a lot of links; these are power users, and they’re in the minority.

Employees dont mind scrolling if they get something what they are seeking for, or if the page is really appealing with interesting images and videos. It’s not rocket science: less is more. If you undertake the research, or hire an independent intranet consultant to do so, employees will tell you what they want.


Employee Insights

Below are few employee insights heard over the years in various intranet design discussions:

  • Most of them said, intranet has lot of information to read, but most of them is outdated or old.
  • Intranet needs an employee org chart for determining the next level employees and their colleagues.
  • A common gateway is required for all the intranet verticals. Employees need to manage multiple softwares and their logins for their day to day core.
  • It would be beneficial to have internal news right on the home page (instead of just external news and press releases).
  • Most employees don’t rely on search. They want their relevant information or link to their content on homepage..
  • Search never works.

2019 Intranet design trends will give away Slack, Yammer and look for simple and fast intranet with productive features.