How Vendor Portal Management Software helps Companies to Work Competent?

Times have changed. Today Organizations no longer find Excel enough sufficient to manage hundreds & thousands of vendors and hence look forward for some software that would be ideal to use.

According to the grapevine, in today’s digital world owning a Vendor Management software is probably a must have solution to do any business. By incorporating this software tool business can vibrantly increase their vendor collaboration and also lessen risk.

Any company who is willing to work competent must seriously think about adopting this supplier management software as it is an automated tool that would streamline each process with centralized information.

Again, managing various Vendors or suppliers is a tough task and the manual interaction may be a costly and time taking process.


  1.  A vendor or a supplier is an important part of supply chain management term which signifies anyone who is providing goods or services to a company or to individuals. A vendor many times manufactures inventoried items, and sells these items to a customer/client.
  1.  Also note that Vendor Management is a time consuming process that includes adding up a new supplier to your vendor master database, payment related inquiries, order management, invoice creations, vendor evaluation process and many more.
  1. Centralization Vendor Management tool helps in easy management of contracts, reducing time wastage, viewing key terms and certainly not missing on any compliance steps.
  1. Fewer Errors When performance is properly logged and measured, users know about problems instantaneously and can take immediate corrective action before any harm is made. You can keep an appropriate track of significant events and stop the risk of losing sight of key data.
  1.  Increased Efficiency This software will also allow you to reduce your labour costs, seal the gaps, raise quality control standards and let you achieve your ultimate goals.

It helps Organizations to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process and yield best outcomes by discovering & fixing issues, if any from the bottom line. To keep things clear, outlook purchase orders, invoices and their current or previous status, just simply rely on Creative’s Vendor portal management software. 

Creative Vendor Management Portal 

Creative Vendor Management Software automates your interface with the vendor/supplier and decreases the manual error and paper works.

  • Creative vendor portal automates the process of the purchase order creation and permits tracking the order status online while avoiding any interaction with the vendor.
  • Creative Vendor Management Application will allow you a complete range of strategic vendor assurance process manuals that will reduce errors and vendor risks, driving you more profitability.
  • Also our vendor management application reduces the time spent on handling the vendor inquiries, thus making it easier for them.