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How Services Of Enterprise Web Development Manage Work flow

Web development has become a notable part of modern technology. Not just end-users, but many enterprises are using the web applications to maintain workflow. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big organization, a small business, or a retailer, web development is a helpful tool to promote a business and get good results.

Enterprise web development is a service with lots of facilities for organizations that have been looking for growth of business. It may help them overcome many problems related to a product. In addition to that, it takes productivity of a company to a new level.

An expert service provider of enterprise web development always test applications early on to ensure that an enterprise using them will get satisfactory outcomes. With early testing, it works to add new and effective features without any difficulty. Apart from that, regressive errors are figured out and removed during that phase.

A secure web application not just leads to trust within the company, by also leads to better results. In addition to that, it also makes clients trust that everything is secure and the company’s services could be used. A well developed application means information that it has is reliable, and it is not going to fall prey to problems like spoofing, denial of service and repudiation.

As enterprise web development plays a major role in a company, and ensures workflow, it is necessary for a company to use services of someone who’s expert in the arena and knows all the skills that are needed for one of the best services of the sector. So, a company must go with a service provider who could ensure that the application will not lead to any trouble for the company, and gives satisfactory results.

Accelerate your website speed and Increase mobile conversions

AMP Website deisgning
AMP Website deisgning

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?


In october 2015, Google launched an open source initiative termed as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are basically fast loading light pages designed to load quickly on mobile devices. These pages require few subset of HTML extensions. If you are frustrated with website load time and are looking for a fast-loading mobile web page, then Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a very accessible framework.

Make you Website AMP Compliant and Increase mobile conversions

Increase mobile conversions with AMP for e-commerce. Google AMP is a natural fit for online retailers because faster-loading pages increase mobile conversions. And the results are remarkable. The AMP pages also have to be made responsive or mobile-friendly. A responsive page or a mobile-friendly page is the same page of the website which is served in a different layout. The pages get displayed according to the device from which they are accessed. Our customers see revenue increases, higher conversion rates and better performance across all user engagement metrics.

Is AMP a Ranking Signal?

AMP reduces the page size to a great extent as it can be seen in the image below. The number of requests sent to retrieve the page is also less. AMP improves CTR and also shows an increase in the number of repeat visits. With number of websites coming up everyday, Google will face bandwidth issue. And thus fast loading, light weight websites will get first preference in Search results. Google already gives Reports regarding AMP and Mobile-friendliness in Search Console and Analytics.

“Google says since they started working on this mobile experience for users, they have seen an incredible global adoption of AMP that has gone beyond the news industry to include e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites and so on.”


Our Web solution is designed for retail and enterprise websites

We’re a premier, full-service web solution agency specializing in web design, website promotion, e-commerce, custom application development and enterprise-level development. We can convert any website – no matter how complex – into a stunning AMP experience. Our web design solutions infuses rich capabilities into AMP pages, without sacrificing the user experience or brand alignment.

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Want Better Conversion Rates ? : Dont Forget To Test Your Site


Your conversion rates are not on anticipated lines. You have implemented modifications on the website and changed the landing pages, yet the results haven’t been encouraging. What went wrong ?


Your choice is not universal :

What appeals to you personally may not appeal to the customers. Customers are not clued into landing pages or site designs. To conclude that everyone will think the way you do is not advisable. Each visitor/customer to the site is unique and capricious.

Experts may go wrong :

Experts are also fallible. What generally works may not be the right option for your company. Well researched recommendations, backed by success stories are no reasons to skip the actual testing.

New need not translate to improved:

Not every change is for the better. Redesigning is fine, but to assume that the latest version is necessarily better is risky. Acknowledging only the possibility that the change is an improvement and proceeding without testing may result in a setback instead.

Intuition :

Gut feeling is fine, but hard data is better. Often, human nature tends to ignore information which doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas. Any ‘feeling’ unsubstantiated by data will lead to pitfalls.

Knowledge and awareness :

It is good to have knowledge of what a great website should be like or a sense of what is a successful page. Just not good enough to ignore testing.
In conclusion, there is no substitute for testing, which does away with assumptions in site optimization. Site optimization, reinforced by data is the way to go.

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Web Design Trends to Prepare For in 2017


Web Design Trends

Bye-bye 2016, welcome 2017. As the new year dawns, the thought arises. Will 2017 follow the 2016 road, or will new pathways be chalked? There is a lot happening in the digital world, with paradigm shifts and evolving business dynamics. What then, can be the concepts to look for in web design in 2017 ?

Increased use of PWAs :

With smart phones evolving, desktop users are in a minority. Websites designed using progressive web apps will naturally have the advantage of scaling on screens of varying sizes.

Experience oriented :

While the importance of visual appeal cannot be refuted, the user experience will matter more. Simple navigation, lesser emphasis on home page, card patterns, all tending to a minimalist approach.

Micro interaction :

To keep the user interested and engaged, interactions within interactions (micro interactions) will continue to evolve. 2017 will see increase in click animations, scrolling effects. Force touch of Apple could become all pervasive, enabling UX designers build more realistic, less cumbersome apps.

Material design :

Designs will become more solid and tangible, so that experience across varied devices or platforms is meaningful, pleasing to the eye and satisfying.

Increased use of GIFs :

GIFs are becoming popular, and can make an impact. Though excessive use can drive away a visitor to the site.

Personalisation :

Websites will be reflective of the company/business. Use of images of the team, actual products, original and unique content, will all make the site authentic, putting faces to the brand, enabling linkages in the mind of the user.
These are only some of the trend for 2017. What is best for you ? Need help? At Creative (www.creativewebsols.com), we offer the whole gamut under one roof. We are just a click/phone call away.