Creative Social Intranet for School

Creative Social Intranet for School

Of late, mobile learning was always in the background of education technology. Though M -learning was a concept established long ago, and was appreciated for its convenience and cost-efficiency, yet its adoption in the classroom was tentative, restricted, and mostly dependent on an educator’s initiative.

However, the Covid -19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown disrupted the older way of educating and things spinned around for mobile learning. Teachers from two hundred countries were urgently required to readjust the learning process for online education without compromising its efficiency, and hence mobile educational apps were rediscovered and they quickly became a staple of remote education. Will education be the same when societies emerge from the lockdown?

Will the revamped system find a place for M-learning?

How Mobile Learning lifts up Traditional Education

Here is why mobile learning should continue to remain a part of education kits after we emerge from the lockdown.

    1. It increases the Classroom Experience
      Today, educators around the world are actively embracing tools and strategies and all types of mobile apps like coloring apps to AR anatomy tools. Ever since most of the in-person classes were halted because of the lockdown, mobile AR and VR solutions became the best media for home-based education.
      Features like teaching continuity, free content, extended course libraries, ImagineAR and MetaAR are a few prime examples of home learning which allow teachers to design educational materials with 2D and 3D objects without coding.
      As countries start emerging from the lockdown, teachers who got appreciated for the eye- catching visualizations, classy learning models, and cost-efficiency of AR apps, are most likely to continue using them as support tools more often even after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    2. It allows Students have possession of Their Learning
      Before lockdown days, interactive learning had made its way into classrooms all over the globe. It was favored by teachers for keeping students motivated, attentive, and alert. In lockdown, if video conferencing tools allowed teenage and adult learners to connect easily online, then educational mobile games were most preferred teaching tools for kindergarten and primary school pupils to keep lessons engaging and enjoyable for them.
      Educational video games like Assassin’s Creed or Minecraft , Kahoot (game-based learning app from Norway), Indian K-12 learning app BYJU’S are few game-based apps that not only allowed teachers to keep education fun and simple during these testing times, but it has also helped in engaging students and encouraging them to master new concepts.
    3. It alleviates the Digital Divide
      The challenge of the digital divide has been harming the education sector ever since technology started gaining its foothold in the classrooms. Even though internet and technology is getting cheaper year after year, lower-income families children tend to lack satisfactory connectivity.
      When education shifted online, the alarming digital gap was revealed as; 21% of parents admitted their children couldn’t complete schoolwork due to lack of computers in the household, while 22% of stated they didn’t have consistent internet access at home.
      Due to lockdown many countries launched mobile apps or mobile-responsive platforms for remote learning, allowing millions of children to keep up with their curriculum. The success of this unplanned experiment confirmed that the digital divide can be mitigated by the Standardization of mobile learning apps on mobile devices. The mobile delivery model enabled the underprivileged students to participate in the learning process on par with their more well-to-do classmates.
    4. It Keeps Higher Education pertinent and Competitive
      After many months of quite efficient online teaching, the very expensive traditional system of higher educational institutions with its one-way lectures and teacher-centered learning is most highly likely to lose its appeal to the current potential students. Thus, to survive in the post-
      lockdown period, universities should revamp their value plan, making it parallel with what their students need.
      Since younger generations today is so keener than ever on digital technologies, mobile learning should become a good competitive advantage for all educational institutions. This technology can empower students with the flexibility to study anywhere at any suitable time.Above all, the shift to mobile learning will help universities become more budget-friendly, easier and more ecologically sustainable which is mainly important in the aftermath of the economy- wrecking pandemic. Also, it is cheaper to update a mobile app’s content than reprinting old textbooks and studying materials.

Barriers to M-Learning Adoption

Even though Mobile learning has gained a new importance due to the pandemic and recent technological advancements, its implementation is still loaded with persisting challenges like:

  1. Risk of Digital Distraction
    An inherent disadvantage of mobiles is that they are very distracting. This is a universal issue but children and teenagers, who lack adult discipline and self-control, are particularly more likely to misuse their devices when they are bored.
    Thus introduction of mobile learning in classrooms can take its toll on students’ academic performance.
  2. Lack of Adjusted Teaching Practices
    Educators’ insufficient competence and experience in handling mobile courses is another major block on the way toward full-scale m-learning concept.
    A pleasing pedagogical framework on how to properly use mobile apps in a classroom is required and hence only the more tech-savvy and determined teachers can explore m-learning, while others who are unaware of the technology’s potential can steer clear from educational mobile apps.

Creative Social Intranet’s M-Learning App: the New Era of Forward-Minded Educators

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, M-learning has finally been recognized and accepted as a sustainable educational technology.
  • Creative’s M- apps make lessons more creative, turn tests into engaging games, and layout complex concepts in a simple-to-grasp way.
  • The wide acceptance of m- learning methods promises to prepare kids for the technology-saturated world we are living in.
  • It bridges the gap between low-income students and their hi-fi classmates.
  • The New Creative’s Mobile learning app will help to reduce the knowledge and skill gap that discourages many tutors from employing the technology.
  • Creative Social Intranet’s education apps think out of designs that make their products more enticing than the social networks and games.

All in all, nobody knows whether there will still be room for all the virtual learning strategies after lockdown. So let’s hope that the unique opportunity offered by Creative Social Intranet’s M-learning app which helps to study anytime, anywhere — which is so valuable in the modern knowledge-driven world that the technology gains a foothold in the educational ‘new normal’.

New Employee Onboarding Kit Works Great As A Marketing Tool


Nowadays, onboarding welcome kits are becoming more important due to employee onboarding process in most of the companies. When a new hire joins it is important to make him feel welcome and integrate him into the company’s culture and the social climate of the workplace. A company makes sure that they get every aspect of the welcome kit right. They want to make sure that it is something which is picture perfect. 

A collection of new employees show a great promotional product which can ultimately find its way to Instagram or other social websites, acting as a free advertisement. Thus the company does not only welcome new employees to the office but they are also getting some good marketing out of the deal.  

Welcome kits for employees are the most important aspect because it helps to get the new hires comfortable around the new work environment. So every organization ensures that the welcome kits include items that are both cool and functional. For beginners, employee onboarding practices are becoming important indicators of the success of any new hires. 

Every employee wants to be valued and it can only be done by offering a little bit of swag with the welcome kit. Employees automatically feel more welcome and ready to join the team if it involves free stuff in the welcome kits. Obviously, a lot more goes into the onboarding process than just a few nice gifts, but they can undoubtedly go a long way in introducing new hires to the company culture. 

In some cases, new employees will be enamored with the products in their welcome kit so that they can tell their friends or relatives or share a photo on social media. This ultimately works as a different form of advertising the company receives just by being nice with the employees. 

Not every welcome kit have to be high tech. It is very common to find items like pens, pencils, and notebooks. These are undoubtedly very useful products that will come in handy when a new hire needs to take notes during meetings, presentations or any other office events. Sometimes even many functional items notebooks or laptop bags will help in providing some exposure for the logo outside the office.  

One of the most common new promotional products is a water bottle. This also serves as a visible advertisement in the employee’s everyday life. Sometimes companies also go beyond by providing them small gadgets like power banks, phone case battery packs, wireless chargers which features the company’s brand name. In general, the company can go beyond their imagination and creativity level. Anything that falls under the category of cool and fun will be a great addition to an employee welcome kit. 

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Effective Employee Recognition benefits.

Entrepreneurs need to know that there is direct relation between business profitability and employees. With Creative RnR portal appreciate your employees and motivate them towards work.

It is a win-win situation when entrepreneurs try to engage employees through rewards and recognition. Entrepreneurs should know  how to keep their employees motivated so that they can also show their results by achieving growth in business. Rewards and recognition helps to trigger positive behaviors among employees by giving them efficient R&R programs. Employees these days are more about instant gratification and social recognition. They want to feel acknowledged socially and enjoy an enhanced self-image. This is the generation of the millennial who expect great career prospects, good packages and good visibility in the organization.


What are the benefits of introducing employee recognition and awards in workplace?

Few of the employee recognition ideas at Workplace

Many companies have employee rewards and recognition programs in place. However, even in these companies, it’s very often that you hear employees complain about how their work is not appreciated. Because it’s not always what you do, but how you do it.

  • Welcome new employees with a welcome note in your workplace

  • Creating a separate group in the intranet workplace for new comers and keeping a session of introduction.

  • Celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries on digital workplace with a popup of greeting with employee picture be displayed automatically on the birthday date. See as below

  • Let your peers appreciate you with recognition badges with an advantage of gaining gamification points on giving recognition.

  • Arrange for annual or monthly digital awards in your intranet for your employees to be motivated.

  • Announce for a lunch or dinner party by creating an event in your intranet workplace, after completion of a tedious job.

Transforming Into a Paperless Office via Paperless Employees

How will u explain the term Paperless Office?

Well, a paperless office, also termed as a paper-free office, is a work environment where primarily digital documents are used in place of physical paper. In short; very minimal use of physical paper.

Similarly a paperless worker is an employee who has eliminated or greatly lessened the use of paper in the workplace.

Thus digitization is the process of converting physical paper files into electronic files.

The thought of an entirely paperless office has emerged since personal computers became the basic of the digital workplace.

Still regardless of the occurrence of electronic documents and files, most companies still rely on paper documents. From handouts at meetings to HR on boarding documents to receipts, many business processes still revolve around paper.

Yet, we can’t ignore that are many benefits of going paperless; from saving resources to boosting security listed below our its benefits.

Benefits of Going Paperless

1. Saves Time

A lot of Time is spent in filing, organizing, searching and relocating paper documents. This same time could be spent on more effectively in productive tasks.

Digitized documents are electronic documents that are stored in a central depository, which is mainly a well-organized digital filing cabinet where all of your documents are kept.

With the use of Creative Social Intranet’s digital document management system, you’ll get the same powerful search efficiency that you experience using Google. This means employees can find files at just a click of a button, much much more faster than the lengthy, manual process of searching a specific file in an obscured folder.

2. Saves ample Space

Is unarguable that paper takes up a lot of space – and so do filing cabinets and again the ample space to store those filing cabinets.

Not to forget Books and book shelves are massive too.

What’s even worse and needs consideration is that paper keeps piling up, making it more difficult to sort and organize.

This is particularly true in financial industries that have long mandatory retention periods.

Creative Social Intranets digitizing of files helps you to store all important documents and files either on an on-premises server or on cloud.

3. Saves Money

Time is money. Thus, saving time and space indirectly saves your money.

Going digital advances your process effectiveness, in short saving your money.

In the same amount of time your Paperless offices can process a much larger degree of paperwork in comparison to traditional offices.

Adding to this, digitization also reduces the ample money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage and office selves for files and also the employee time spent to manage paperwork.

This savings of employee time can become especially valuable with regards to regulatory audits and recurring, high-volume tasks like expense reimbursements.

4. Effortless Transfer of Information

Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software offers a simple process for saving documents.

This software easily assembles digital documents using scanners, mobile capture images using a camera on a phone or tablet or importing any file type (.docx, .pdf, image files).

Applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat allow you to file your document into your content management system with just one click.

5. Supports the Environment

Paper and paper products manufacturing produces greenhouse gases, causing deforestation and global warming which is hazardous to OUR environment.

Recycling can offset some portion of the environmental impact, but not much.

Eventually this paper finally ends up in a landfill. Also, ink and toners used contains explosive compounds and non-renewable substances which are damaging the environment.

All these focuses us more to simply reduce paper use altogether by switching to a paperless office.

6. Boosts Security

Physical documents are hard to locate –paper can get lost, misfiled or get destroyed without getting noticed.

It can also be complicated to supervise the access, printing and copying of sensitive important files.

Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software has advanced security capabilities which can tackle these challenges and much more.

System administrators can arrange granular access rights, which will assign permissions at the document level (e.g. settings on the type of document), user level (e.g. settings on person’s job function), and system level (e.g. overarching security for all data in the system), promising security at all levels.

The security benefits of a paperless workplace rise above access rights. Execution of document management software also allows organizations to influence electronic signatures, redact private and confidential information, create audit trails and much more.

Intranet solutions for banks

Intranet solutions for banks

Globalization today has made the world a smaller place. Being connected with your employees and clients 24*7 is very important. Leading banks today have multiple chains in multiple cities and countries. It has a wide range of branches all over the globe and provides a full range of modern financial services to all categories of corporate and private customers.

Business and Intranet Challenges faced by Banks

These banks with multiple branches are in need of corporate intranet solutions that include communication, collaboration and knowledge management, employee directory that would serve as a single access point for corporate information.
Besides, banks also need to implement public use information feeds as well as corporate news delivery channels, employee directory information, generic business workflows, information-sharing spaces, automated on-boarding, helpdesk ticket systems,etc

Creative Social Intranet for all Banking Organization Intranet Solutions

Our banking intranet portals are developed with a single access point to corporate information landscape.

Our immensely effective features include:

  • Integration with banking SAP
  • Project Server systems
  • Employee profile, employee directory
  • News delivery channels;
  • Generic business workflows, media galleries, information sharing spaces, public information feeds
  • Requests processing systems, powerful analytical dashboards & various reporting tools;
  • Manage department calendar to plan and communicate on events
  • One to one chat, and various chat rooms

What business value will Creative Social Intranet add to Banks?

The Intranet solutions have become important elements of corporate culture and distinctive identity. Thus now the following are very important to increase business value

  • Increase in employee satisfaction and awareness;
  • Accelerated efficiency and effectiveness of common business processes,
  • Reduced workload; paper work
  • Maintenance and licensing costs to be optimized;
  • Greater than before security and safety of official information management activities.
  • Customer Quotes
Human Resource Management System
HR portal for banks

Intranet Portal Technologies for Banks security and usability:

MS SharePoint, ASP.NET, HTML, MS Project Server, MS SQL Server Reporting Services

Creative Bank intranet software have been developed in Microsoft and  is seamlessly integrated with the banks legacy internal SAP systems with LDAP. The solution provides a wide overview of the enterprise landscape by integrating public and corporate news feeds.

This platform also allows smooth communication and collaboration between employees by integrating business workflows, social communications, information data sharing spaces, media galleries with pictures and videos, employees’ profiles, employee organization chart and more.

Thus the integrated platform by Creative Social Intranet Solutions for banks have become a primary internal access point for various bank employees and an important element of corporate organizational culture .