Importance of designing in online business

Designing a website isn’t about the appearance of the website but also how with simple design we can deliver good content with effective use of browser space for each webpage. A website which has no appearance with contents not properly placed will eventually be ignored by the people.

Thus, designing should make website look better, easy to use, faster to access and more importantly have right content placed at the right place for users to find it quickly.

Making easy navigational website, placing web components for quick access to particular links, avoiding excess content and repetitive content and having optimized images for desktop as well as mobile sites will ultimately lead to a successful designed websites.

The only simple math behind designing a website is providing intuitive websites where user can gain information without being any hustle.

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Advantages of Creative Application Migration services

Advantages of Creative Application Migration services

Creative leverages upon modern platforms /  architectures for automated translation of business logic. Architecture consulting, SOA, componentization, code reuse and data migration, application support and migration of legacy mainframe applications, mainframe & legacy system integration are some of the services that Creative provides clients for application migration and modernization.

Advantages of Creative Application Migration services:

  1. Mitigate business risks
  2. Improvised systems performance
  3. Minimize system dependencies
  4. Increased data portability
  5. Reduce ownership costs
  6. Enhanced operational efficiencies
  7. Enhanced technical support

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Avoiding Simple Design Mistakes


Many of the world’s websites suffer from mistakes that can dramatically impact their effectiveness. The mistakes done while designing a website can be easily avoided. This article lists the some common mistakes with helpful advice on how to avoid them.
No matter how well or how poorly your site is implemented, by far the largest mistake occurs when the website’s role in the overall strategy of your organisation has not been well thought through. Only once the strategic purposes and role of the site are understood can the site be built in a manner that achieves those objectives.

1. Lack of Accessibility:

Accessibility refers to the ease with which a wide range of users can access your website. It also refers to the vast array of equipment, operating systems and browsers that are used to surf the web.

2. Infrequently Asked Questions:

Most of the websites no longer have FAQs pages and rather updated their content to provide information to the visitors. All the content of your website needs to be relevant to the visitor who are frequently visiting the site. Relevant and quality content will give them a good impression and will increase the chances of a visitor becoming a customer.

3. Can’t find contact information:

For small and medium businesses this is crucial as your contact information provides a key link to reality, giving customers confidence that they are dealing with a real business rather than a chiseler. You should provide the contact information,  including conventional methods such as phone and business address.

4. Click here To enter site:

Don’t waste your home page with a “Click here to enter site” link since your website visitor is already here, so help them immediately with relevant and quality content.

6. Too much flash:

Since not only everyone has flash but also not everyone has the bandwidth to support flash. Though flash can add movement to your website. If you have decided that it is appropriate to use a sizeable flash component on your website then make sure that the visitor receives visual feedback while it loads.

7. Too many meaningless graphics:

Excessive use of graphics will create confusion and lead to slow down the user experience. Graphics used in your website need to be optimised to ensure that the site is running at faster speeds. It will help your website to enhance the user experience.

8. Search Engine Unfriendly:

Although  having a search engine friendly site will not assure you high rankings on your favourite search engine. These include having a site map, brief and relevant content, use of standard mark-up tags that are recognised by search engines as well as meta tags such as keywords and a description.

10. Poor navigation:

Navigation from your website should be systematic and structured in a well-manner consistent web conventions. You should stick to standard techniques and locations for navigation elements such as links and menus. Navigating through your website should be perceptive. It must be easy for each visitor to find the primary links such as “Home” and “Contact us” links with simple distinguishable navigation elements.

11. Poor color schemes:

A poor colour scheme will distract visitors from your website. At worst, the message from your site will become unreadable. It is also essential to keep vision impaired users in mind, so if your site features coloured text on a coloured background then it would be wise to offer a high contrast option. This can easily be done using style sheets.

12. Expecting that people will read your Web Pages:

Many of the people skip to read the web page completely. They just look over the web pages for relevant information, zooming in on the essentials that catch their interest. So it is important that you will display the well-ordered information which is easy to locate on the page.

13. Pop-up Windows:

Try to avoid pop-up windows, unless it is essential to use in your website. Most of the visitors find pop-windows irritating and also many browsers block them.

14. Broken Links:

All the links on your website should be properly tested and work. Visitor encounter a  broken link will  look improper and lead to demoralize the visitors in your website which affects business revenue of your organization.

A flawless site will load in not more than a few seconds. As website visitors are highly impatient and will leave slow sites redirecting to another website. Reasons for slow loading pages may include heavy size graphics, optimum graphics formats.  If there is a certain, unavoidable reason for having a slow site, then provide visual feedback for the visitor while it loads. Site graphics need to be optimised to ensure that the site is displayed at a appropriate speed.

Successful launch of CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life.

Pharmaceutical Company Website Design and DevelopmentCreative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. has successfully launched their client’s new CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life which provides comprehensive and up-to-date source of medicines / drugs information online.

Technologies used by the Creative team are 4.0, JQUERY, AJAX Javascript, MS SQL Server 2012, XML and more.

Creative provides easy-to-read, in-depth authoritative information for users via User-friendly interface

SEO India – Advantages of Outsourcing SEO to India

Creative Web Promotion – SEO company Mumbai, India provide offshore SEO Services to clients globally. In case you are searching for website marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization or marketing services then do contact us for a free website review.
SEO India, Creative Web Promotion, provides offshore SEO Services to clients worldwide. If you are searching for website marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization or marketing services then do contact us for a free website review.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most sensible way to produce online traffic and therefore their success rate is higher than other online marketing

Mediums. Approximately 85 % of the online customers look for services/products through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. Natural and organic SEO rankings make better the overall Return on Investment (ROI) of a website.

An offshore SEO company based in India can assist your website to create more clicks and traffic and most of the companies at some point of time feel the necessity to share its work with an outsourcing company specializing in search engine optimization and marketing.

Some advantages of outsourcing SEO to Indian SEO companies:
1. SEO outsourcing services offered by India are reasonably priced and Indian IT professionals have expertise in both Website Promotion plus Website Development/Software Development. There are different situations where SEO has to work in tandem with the development team to guide most excellent ways to optimize a specific website.
2. India is going to be next hub for extremely skilled English speaking professionals.

3. Employing in-house SEO staff is expensive as contract based or temporary employees do not live up to expectations. Outsourcing SEO companies are reasonable as recruiting an SEO professional can cost anywhere between $45,000 and $75,000/Year.
4. Outsourcing SEO Firm takes care of the company’s everyday SEO marketing activities.

5. Outsourcing SEO to India improve the efficiency and productivity of the business, you can discuss your necessities, and get most excellent SEO solutions.