Online Booking Systems

Online Booking Systems

The online booking system is a platform you can use for reservation management. They grant to tour and activity operators to accept bookings online and better manage their phone and in person bookings. Simultaneously they have so much more than that to offer.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Open 24/7 to receive reservations
  • Commission Free
  • It’s simply good customer service
  • Minimize your workload
  • All your customer data in a structured system
  • Increase Revenues Thanks to Upselling
  • Discount Codes
  • Clear and Simple Overview
  • Online payments
  • Hassle-Free Management of Bookings

Why should you share your Company News on your Intranet? How is it useful?

Why should you share your Company News on your Intranet? How is it useful?


You need to define your company goals before measuring benefits by sharing company news on intranet. When communication is improved at work, it takes business to the next level effectively. Below are few internal communication tips and goals to keep in mind to set clear your company objective.

  • Coherent growth – Company needs to develop transparency amongst their employees. Clear information will help bridge communication gap between companies.
  • Developing better employee engagement – Engaged employee will own projects and tasks, and are coherent about goals and expectations. Engaged employees acts decisively on the company’s behalf. If company news is properly conveyed, it can be very effective at boosting levels of employee engagement.
  • Enabling two way communication and its benefits – One of the best things about posting announcement in company intranet to masses is that you can use it as a platform for a discussion or to gain feedback from staff members. It helps in learning, improving skills, innovating ideas and engaging employees towards productivity.
  • Common gateway for all applications – Since there are multiple verticals that employee needs to remember and use, it becomes tedious sometimes and most of the applications remain untouch. Providing a company gateway in company intranet  enables single sign on and speeds up work.
  • Better work culture – Work culture of a company gives a large impact on how it’s viewed by your internal audience (employees) and outside audience (customers). Your intranet news channel is perfect for sharing announcements that can help give your organization its very own “brand voice,” which is something that simply cannot be bought or sold.
  • Saves time and money – As you might expect, circulating news to everyone within your organization can be a full-time job. Sharing news and announcements to your intranet is an easy, inherent process. This means everyone tasked with such duties can expect to save time after making the switch.

Creative Web Mall provides enterprise intranet solutions. We have developed various intranet portals for top India conglomerates.

Why Social Intranet Is Next-Generation Network

inhouse social site for employees India

Social intranet is the most advanced networking technique to bring employees of an organization on a common platform and connect them to each other. It is different from traditional intranet and has lots of engaging features to develop engaging and productive workplace.

Modern social Intranet is not just a in-house social site for employees but there are several other features which makes it a next-generation network, here are some of them:

Modern Philosophy

Today’s social intranet works on the most advanced business approach where employees are connected with each other in an interesting way. They are given a centralized platform where they not just talk to each other, but also share informative documents related to their work. To make them engaged with social intranet, they are allowed to conduct group chat and make comments on already posted blogs.

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Advanced Way of Working

The modern world’s social intranet has advanced technologies which are not just reliable, but fast too. It provides effective work solutions which are user-friendly and easy-to-use.

inhouse social site for employees India

Lots of Solutions

Company intranet comes with a range of solutions for businesses of all kinds. For example, it can connect remote employees with each other and allow them to share documents. Using the advanced solutions, employees can uncover new and interesting solutions to perform their daily work and reach the objectives.

Interesting Feature

The advanced social intranet has lots of new, interesting features, such as group chat, voting, commenting and micro-blogging. Overall, social intranet is solutions for all kinds of workplace problems related to networking.

To use all the advanced and beneficial features of modern social intranet, it is important to get its services from a trusted and reliable service provider. Creative Social Intranet is an experienced service provider with all modern networking solutions related to networking, that too at unbeatable prices.

7 Ways WordPress Beats Drupal and Joomla


WordPress is a monster in the CMS industry, to the point that it’s almost unfair how many websites are powered by the popular open source CMS. This article will help you to understand why WordPress beats Drupal and Joomla.

Ease of Installation
WordPress is incredibly easy to install, the entire process is very, very straight forward and requires little knowledge. Having said that, services like Fantastico have made it much easier to install all three of these CMS with relative ease. If you are using a hosting service like Bluehost, it couldn’t get much easier with their automated tools and WordPress managed hosting services.

Ease of use
When it comes to ease of use, WordPress is perfect solution amongst these three. Not only does it have one of the simplest and most straight forward interfaces, it far exceeds Drupal and Joomla when it comes to usability. WordPress has been used by many projects as a model for how to do a proper user interface and continues to improve with each new update.

It also offers a very unique distraction free writing mode which allows you to focus solely on your writing. Drupal, for instance, has an interface that fosters confusion and feels too complex. It doesn’t feel as fluid as I’d like to see from such a powerful CMS. Joomla has some oddball ways of navigating the menus and accomplishing simple tasks and still needs some improvements.

Theming options
With WordPress as popular as it is, there are millions of themes out there to choose from. New theme development agencies are popping up every day offering more and more options to choose from which again, leads to more and more adoption of the CMS.

Joomla is second to WordPress when it comes to theming and the situation with Drupal is just bad. There might be one or two decent Drupal theme companies out there but the work is often poor or unappealing to the masses.

Word of mouth
This is rather obvious but given the popularity of WordPress, it gets more word of mouth than Joomla or Drupal and is far more likely to be recommended as a solution than the other two. This can, however, result in people using WordPress for purposes outside the products means so it’s a double edges sword in some cases.

Niche Adoption
Since WordPress was a blog platform first and foremost, there was little competition other than Blogger to contend with. As blogging became more popular, more of those individuals who first started out using WP for their blogs started to look at how they could continue their love affair with the plaform by adopting it to other niches. As a result, WordPress now can be used for far more than just blogging and continues to grow in capability.

The WordPress community is nothing short of massive. With a huge number of blogs running on the hosted platform in addition to the downloadable version, WordPress has a community of millions of users around the world. This allows for a much quicker turn around for support questions and it’s much much easier to find someone with the ability to assist in either developing plugins or a theme for your website.

Almost any type of web software available has an integration with WordPress already in place or is working on one. This saves significant time working with code and allows users of the platform to benefit from the ease of use it’s best known for. When integrating with a third party service involves a quick process rather than editing code, the world becomes an easier place for those looking to expand their websites with new functionality. Furthermore, with a massive directory of plug-ins, it’s easy to accomplish new things and expand your website by simply installing a new plugin.

It will be a beneficial solution for your business which will lead your business to new heights.

Advantages of using WordPress for your CMS websites

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software tool that used to create,manage,publish,edit and organize content on web pages. Web content can be photos,audio,video or text which interacts with the user. There are several CMS tools available like WordPress,Joomla, blogger or Drupal.
Among all the web based CMS tools WordPress is the most popular CMS. WordPress is the Open Source platform mostly used to design simple,decent, template-based websites and blogs which can be a good choice for beginners.

Some important features of WordPress which beginners may look for are as follows:

Effortless to use:

The main advantage of WordPress is that one can use the WordPress without having knowledge of HTML and PHP coding. WordPress comes up with some preinstalled plugins that can be used creating for template-based blogs and it makes website designing easy.

Numerous Plugins:

As Open Source platform ,WordPress offered almost 13,000 plug-ins and most of them are available for FREE. User only have to choose a plug-in and click on it to install which takes very little efforts.

There are some SEO plugins available in WordPress which can enhance a website’s search engine ranking. It makes website to display on the first page of search results using search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing embeds carefully related keyword provided.

Simple theme system:

WordPress comes up with two default themes as well as theme directory having thousands of themes to create website having beautiful and professionalism look. One can upload their own theme on one click and give website a new and refreshing makeover.


WordPress supports more than 70 languages. So WordPress is the best option if person wants to build the website other languages than English.
Eye-catching Menus:

WordPress has some pretty and simple menus which makes ones website more attractive. Unlike Drupal and Joomla ,WordPress provides easy navigation of menus and pages.

Pods CMS
WordPress provide the plug-in which can be used to create and manage various types of content without making use of custom fields.
In short, WordPress is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced users according to their business needs to create simple and attractive websites.