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"Every minute spent at planning and strategy can save up to 10 minutes of actual work"

The software planning process involves first listening to the client's problem statement, then after brainstorming with all the stakeholders involved, we go through a “research and strategy funnel” to find out the right solution.

70% of the IT projects fail because people don't recognize the importance of the planning process. Initializing the development process without a plan proves disastrous which leads to increased cost and project delays. Hence we believe that building a strategy or plan before implementation proves to be the most effective way for the software development process.

At Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. we understand our customer needs and develop strategies specifically around their problems, avoiding clutter to create transparent purpose-driven processes. From Consultation to final product, we help our clients to achieve their goals, saving resources and bring in efficiency to drive robust business growth.

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Technology & Software Consulting

For the last two decades, Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been delivering software strategy and planning to FInancial sector companies, helping the companies make more profit with fewer resources. From Workflow to Robotic Process Automation, we help our clients to understand the best method for them with respect to their business philosophy. Consultation is the best practice when the customer gets overwhelmed by different types of solutions for the same requirement.


Here are some points to understand why you should go for consultation:

  • Clarifies confusion about the processes and solutions.
  • Saves time as processes get more transparent and meaningful.
  • Saves cost as time is measured well before the work gets started.
  • Optimal use of resources as the project span is documented well in time.

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MVP Development

In the initial phase of the software development universe, software products or applications were made and thrown out to the market. This led to the problem known as “Software development as a Production approach", which means you make software applications like factories and force-sell them to the masses.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solves this problem. On contrary to the "production approach", MVP is the approach where the software or application is made with minimum features to prove its viability. MVPs are made on the principles of "customer approach" where target customers are identified first, and Prototype application is made as per the customer's requirements. Minimum Viable Product can be delivered to the target customer as the first beta product, so that rest of the product is made by collaborating closely with the customer, thus saving huge costs.

Many Organizations and Startups have used this approach successfully as it is easy to get investment on something which customer is already using. MVP approach is the best when we need to know that how the customer is reacting to the product, hence giving the surety that the product is "fit for the market" and should be invested upon.