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PHP means ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’. It is a scripting language embedded with server-side HTML used for programming. It runs on the server side means that its scripting is done where the hosting of web site happens. PHP statements can be used from within the embedded HTML code because they are returned as plain HTML to the browser. Scripting language is a form of language that is not complied rather interpreted. Some more examples of scripting languages other than PHP are Java, Peri, Phyton and Ruby. These kinds of languages are majorly used in applications as a controlling language. PHP is an open source and a free software product.


PHP programming language is used to support many databases like Pracle, MySQL,Sybase etc. It can be run on various platforms like Windows, Linux and UNIX and is compatible with most of the web servers being used today like IIS, Apache etc. The PHP programming files have following extensions like php, phtml or php3.

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There are majorly three areas where PHP scripts are used:

Server Side Scripting

This is the main and the most traditional field.

Command Line Scripting

Means usage without any browser or server idel for task scheduler on windows and for simple text processing.

For Writing Desktop Applications

PHP – GTK is used for this. So using PHP gives the freedom of choosing a web server and an operating system. It also allows to use object oriented programming or procedural programming or a combination of the two.

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