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Online pharmacy is a business that manages medical orders through internet. Online pharmacy is a currently developing business. With the liberalized license procedures there are many pharmacies that are extending its business through online. Pharmacies can manage large orders in their virtual store through a robust pharmacy shopping cart software. Online shopping is also an attraction for the customers to buy medicines without standing in a queue and to buy medicines which they want within few minutes. The product also reaches them in a timely manner.

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The online portal is of use to the customer, website admin and medical practitioner. The users are wide spread and they can use the portal from anywhere at any time with access to internet. The customer can add the medicine to the cart. Based on the requirement some websites ask for medical prescription for their records. The order thus placed is sent to the website admin. The customer makes the payment online and that reaches the admin in a secure manner. The process is made simple with the software and millions of users in India are benefitted with the online shopping cart.

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Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd paves the way for the development of your website designs with customized shopping cart that fits your business. Support at our end is provided from scratch in starting a business, online promotion, and graphics for shopping cart and absolute solution for the business development.

We promote user friendly and visually gratifying design. The entire course of action in placing order is quick and easy, which increases the performance of the business. The customers are made to feel wow when they place the order as they are able to check the ingredients of the medicine, alternative medicines that are available in same composition, warnings and directions of usage.