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Microlearning can be said as delivering content, knowledge or small learning units for a short term training process. It’s bite-sized bursts of knowledge for learners to study at their convenience. The content can be in varied different forms, from phrases to any multimedia technique. Microlearning is helpful to engage multiple senses, whenever it is possible to support different learning styles so the use of audio, video, animation, text and interaction is helpful. But it is also important to note that all microlearning apps do not support every above-mentioned content aspect. In today’s era of short attention spans, it is very much beneficial and a perfect training module. Few onboarding platforms also include employee onboarding, skill-based training etc.

Here are some examples of micro-learning:

  • text-file


    Text refers to the actual words written in a blog post, or any other written work.

  • pictures


    An image is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject—usually a physical object—and thus provides a depiction of it.

  • >laptop-video-play


    Any video chapters entered into the description will override automatic video chapters.

  • online-exam

    Tests and Listening Podcasts

    We especially love podcasts because, since many are conversational, they give you the chance to hear how English speakers interact in real life and expose you to lots of interesting new languages.

Micro lessons are more specific and subject centric. They are outside of learners day to day context or making it simpler to apply on the specified job objective. This method of imbibing knowledge improves engagement, job efficiency and tends individuals to seek for more training opportunities.

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What is Microlearning good for?

As David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done time management programs put it "short lessons, delivered consistently over time can create big change." Microlearning offers an advantage for the organization’s training and development departments. As they are small-sized microlearning assets easily to be used and more affordable to produce, they can be further utilized for training initiatives, performance assessor, communication tool and more. Micro Lessons can be combined or chained in a way to create deeper dives or learning paths. Retention rate could be measured by introducing a topic by showcasing it through a video, a short case study, a threaded discussion or a book summary etc. Microlearning is often used as a blended learning solution.