IT Staff Augmentation

Staff segmentation is an outsourcing strategy used by companies to staff a specific project and to achieve business objectives. In this type of strategy, the existing staff members of a particular company are evaluated based on their skills and then they determine the skills that are lacking in them. IT staff augmentation usually involves allocation of dedicated technical resources, usually offshore, hired for overseas developments based on fixed or flexible terms and conditions.

There are several reasons behind HR managers of IT companies choosing Staff Augmentation option over outsourcing an entire project. One major advantage is that this strategy may leverage existing resources as well as utilize the outsourcing options available for the company. This reduces expenditure because outsourcing an entire project may become expensive to the company.

This strategy also helps the company maintain the company secrets in-house, minimizing the risk of leaked information. The company can also maintain control over the delegation of work based on its importance. Also, the augmented staff need not be used for the entire year and can be used only for the required project. This again turns out to be cost-effective to the company.

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At Creative Web Mall, they support several companies in India by augmenting their staff. They also help their Indian clients by deploying teams that solve the short term problems of their companies. This strategy helps companies bring in fresh talent to their work force. Creative Web Mall specializes in understanding workforce requirements. Also the data provided to them would remain highly confidential and to maintain that secrecy a legally binding agreement is arrived upon. The clients need to provide the required access which would help the team to work more efficiently and professionally.