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Reach all your employees with instant notifications from your company Intranet with Creative internal communication software that can be integrated with your legacy applications.


Intranet features that employees love, such as chat, an employee directory, and surveys. Provide content and services that can be integrated with sharepoint, SAP, integration. Share local messages in multiple languages to ensure high relevance to a global workforce.


Create content the easy way, on all devices, with images and videos in Creative Social Intranet, a modern internal content, connect and sync external content sources from social media or existing intranets and make information relevant. Delegate content management to different sites, locations, and departments easily with Creative internal communication software. Intranet for Internal communication is an internal marketing combination. Poor internal communication causes confusion, low productivity and lowered morale among employees. For internal communication to flow smoothly, all employees should be treated as internal clients. This means seek for the same diligence, attention, and methods devoted to external clients.
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So lets us find what are the benefits of an internal communication software in an organization

  • Staff members understand how they fit into the company.
  • When internal communication is well implemented, it motivates the employees of an organization.
  • Employees become more productive because they know the purpose of the work they do.
  • Active internal communication systems facilitate control of work and resource with ease.
  • Managers become better leaders.
  • Leaders are committed to constantly promoting effective and positive communication in the workplace.
  • To achieve set goals in any organization, coordination among all departments is needed which is made simple with internal communication system.
  • A dynamic and more open work environment is created.
  • Employees feel happy and increase job satisfaction ratio that directly impacts with better performance.
  • Flow of information to the right department at the right time is possible through sound internal communication.
  • Increase in company productivity will lead to increase in business turnover.
  • When employees participate in decision making via effective internal communication, the quality of decisions made will improve and help in implementing innovative ideas.
  • Builds trust between employer and employee.
  • 2 ways communication helps in controlling supervision even when managers or supervisors fail to understand the problems of the employees.
  • With an effective employee directory in an internal communication, will help develop managerial efficiency.

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How effective your internal communication is? What are the ways to measure it?

Measure your organization internal communication and plan effective strategies to improve communcation as well as productivity.