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Propelling a compelling internal communication software prepares your group to work more intelligent, quicker, and better paying little heed to their physical area or particular occupation obligations. Creative Social Intranet – an internal communication software is an imaginative stage makes short work of cooperation, record administration, booking, and preparing … with more proficient business forms.


Building an organization with a genuinely worldwide achieve begins with actualizing an interior correspondence programming stage that help the requirements of a dynamic workforce. By consolidating social devices, ongoing correspondence, and a safe cloud-based stage, we’ve built up the main coordinated effort instrument you’ll require. Enhancing inward correspondence is one of the essential reasons organizations begin searching for an intranet programming arrangement. At the point when representatives are withdrawn, disengaged and misled it can prompt poor execution and an unengaged workforce that eventually impacts your main concern.


Creative Social Intranet provides you the right communication tools to engage and integrate your employees so they can be more informed and productive to increase job efficiency for improved customer service and internal operations. See for yourself, request a Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

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Few of our Internal Communication Software Features

People Directory

Enable social on the heart of your intranet, your Employee Directory, to allow employees to collaborate through their online presence.

Employee Profiles

Allow employees to create their own personal workspace on your intranet to set personal alerts, content subscriptions and follow colleagues.

Intranet Live Chat

Utilize Live Chat on your Corporate Intranet to enable employees to communicate more efficiently while getting the quick answers they need.

Employee Org Chart

Quickly reference an employee’s position, who they report to and who reports to them in this simple view organizational chart on your intranet.
<h3mobile Intranet
Gain mobility with our mobile intranet functionality, including portable employee directory, instant search, and mobile collaboration.

Employee Recognition

See how employees can reward each other for a job well done with our employee recognition application.

Outlook Sync Calendars

Pull Outlook Exchange mailbox calendars onto your business intranet and aggregate onto one calendar view.

Enterprise Networking

Structure your social networking on the business intranet to encourage collaboration and crowdsourcing around company goals, leadership and customer service.

Employee Message Boards – Intranet Software

Find employee message boards for employees to post questions, seek advice, have conversations and tap the collective knowledge.

Page Bookmarks in Employee Workspaces

Create personalized bookmarks to quickly access and organize your favourite pages, sites and resources to access on and off the intranet.

Follow Colleagues in Social Intranet

Stay in the loop of the comings and goings of your fellow colleagues with colleagues activity stream, to follow team members, managers or other users.

Status Updates

Allow employees to provide updates on what they may be working on, when they are in/out of office, return to office dates and pre-set future away dates.

Employee Skills Tagging in Social Intranet

Search to find employees through the People Directory for specific skills sets, such as First Aid Training, PMP Certification or PSP Credentials.

Employee Workspace Corporate Intranet

Provide employees with an individual space on the intranet that can be customized to each employee’s preferences and seen only by the employee.

Employee Milestones

Employees by featuring birthdays and work anniversaries on the home page, subsite or mega menu of the intranet.

Alerts & Subscriptions

Subscribe to receive alerts for new posts/content and message board comments as well as status update notifications, which can be delivered via email.

Featured Employee Feed

Feature specific employees right the home page or department site of the intranet for those celebrating a special achievement or new hires.