Corporate information sharing and collaboration software

Information sharing software lets a business share ideas and information among people and across an organization. In an age when contractors and teleworkers are the norm for businesses, it's easy to see why information sharing software can help connect people and collaborate information when it's needed most.

Information sharing system enables communication, but there are many other benefits to consider: Improved project management, better workflow, better management of invoicing and knowing that employees and partners have immediate access to critical business information and documents when they need it.

In Creative Social Intranet, teams can work together to share, discuss and work on their content. It becomes your hub of activity – so you spend less time organizing documents and tasks, chasing approvals, and searching through email – and more time delivering exceptional results.

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Few of Creative Social Intranet – Information Sharing System And Collaboration Software Features

Group/ departments

Create unlimited groups on the intranet that provide resources to project teams, departments, and employee communities with smart delegation.

RSS Feed

Stay updated with articles from your favorite sites around the web by adding a feed to a site or individually to an employee workspace.

Weather Update

Display the current weather and upcoming weather forecast.

What's new

Showcase a list of advertised items from all applications or select applications from all areas of your intranet to keep relevant content front & center.

Media Gallery

Quickly embed a image or entire photo album or vdieo into a feed on the home page or subpage of the intranet to add a visual element to any page.

Daily Tips Feed

Add a daily motivational message, tip or quote and the feed will rotate through the entries on a scheduled basis.

Task Manager

Streamline tasks and improve efficiency with the Task Manager on your Information sharing system.