Improve Employee Engagement with Creative Social Intranet

Creative Social Intranet promotes employee engagement by offering tools that boost peer-to-peer employee collaboration and employee activities on the intranet. This can help to foster and support work culture, your corporate values, mission statement, and annual company goals. Creative Social Intranet – An Employee Engagement software creates tools that drive a more team-orientated workplace where executives, managers, and company leaders have a presence and provide mentorship to employees through the business intranet. Your Corporate Intranet social and business tools can help to support your culture and company goals, whichever way you choose to use them.

The social elements of Creative employee engagement software are designed to feature enterprise social networking where it pertains to business needs. We offer two-way communication channels like Live Chat, Company Blogs, Idea Share Exchange, and Employee Message Boards. You can build community and conversations with our social intranet software that may not exist in your physical environment and bring together peers from various locations.

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Few Of The Important Features Inbuilt In Our Employee Engagement Software

Creative Social Intranet Software Features

Employee Directory

Employee directory is a complete data base of all users on the intranet along with their brief details such as contact info, designation, projects, achievements, availability, experiences and interests.

Company Departments / Groups

Segment Your Intranet into Spaces, Departments, Groups of Human resources, marketing, sales, product management, R&D, IT, customer support – Engage all your departments and align them strategically.

Company Calendar

With Creative Social Intranet, you can maintain your organization’s calendars and events at one place and share them virtually with the entire user base.

Single Sign-On Intranet (SSO)

Our SSO feature extends the ability of your active directory’s single sign-on seamlessly. No need for multiple passwords.

Employee Profile

Just like any other social media profile, you can create and maintain a user profile on Creative Social Intranet too.

Media Gallery

Whether it is corporate event or a new product’s photo shoot, any media file once uploaded on the intranet is instantly updated on the Media Gallery.

Task Checks / Work Report

An interface designed to maintain work logs & task scheduling; this helps the project managers to support the workers better during organizational processes.

Employee Polls

Create a poll with ability to vote on multiple choices. Assess employee opinions on any topic, any time.

Web Form

Creative Social intranet online web forms are easy to create and customize. It’s the perfect tool to effortlessly collect any kind of information in your company.

Meeting room booking system

Meeting room booking hassles are a history now with this new feature in intranet.

Advanced Search

An advanced internal search engine can help find quickly.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

The Birthdays Tool of the creative Intranet is used to keep track of all employee birthdays so that workers can be informed regarding upcoming birthdays; when exactly and who’s the nearest birthday will take place.

Announcement Board

Communication is key for practically every organization on the planet. Post announcement to the entire organisation through intranet with ease.

Document Sharing

Creative social intranet isn’t just about sharing your status and pictures, but the major chunk of task is collective document management for the organization, of course with the sharing preferences and privacy settings.

News Feed

Creative Social Intranet news feed section is a productive tool whereby one share, see news items and get updated with latest business news, company news, things happening near you.

Rewards and Recognition

Employee appreciation is important when it comes to improving work culture. Let every member of your enterprise congratulate the award winner by announcing in rewards and recognition section.

Active Directory Sync

Active Directory feature enables LDAP Authentication so your employees don’t need to remember even more logins and passwords.

Post Current Vacancies

Share current vacancies, promotion and job opportunities in your enterprise intranet to your colleagues with the Post Current vacancy section.

Notifications / Updates

Creative Social Intranet fully integrated notification system keeps everyone up to date via popup or chat notifications.

Knowledge Base / CMS

Build an internal knowledge base / CMS for all users to access helpful blogs, wiki pages, self help support, essential FAQs and standard operating procedures for new players.

Market Place

A market place in your Intranet, where any one can post a property, thing, or service to sell or buy. Trade with people you know within your vicinity.


Integrate single sign-on to make it easy for all employees to log into your intranet. Give everyone another reason to adopt the intranet by integrating it with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Office 365, AD, Yammer etc.

Live Chat (one to one and group chats)

Intranet chat software makes communicating with other members of your team an absolute piece of cake, as you can see who is online or leave a message for those who aren’t.

Internal Newsletter

Internal newsletters are also good tools for acknowledging and lauding individuals and teams for their contributions, helping to boost morale.

Case Study

Case studies help you share your experiences, training, real or hypothetical situations which includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace.

Tip/Quote for the day

Sharing daily quotes or tips motivates employees and helps building a vibrant workplace for your organization.

Weather Forecast

People have also been increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to keep up with the local weather. Updating them with same within your intranet system will help them plan outdoor field trips and meetings easily.

Blog Post

Blog posts give executives and employees a platform to share news, inspire and inform – communicating with the whole company or specific teams.

New Launches

Announce new products, services, ventures launches to your company members residing locally and at distances, at one place. Get feedbacks, ideas, appreciations which can be seen by the intranet users.