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Improve Employee Communication and Collaboration

Internal communication and collaboration between employees is one of the primary needs of a business. Disengaged and dislocated employees lead to poor performance and a unengaged workforce that ultimately impacts your business bottom line. Our employee communication software provides you the right communication tools to engage and integrate your employees so they can be more informed and productive to increase job efficiency for improved customer service and internal operations.

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Few Of The Important Features Inbuilt In Our Employee Communication Software

Employee Directory

A directory of employees with starred employees list features, job profiles, email ids, their badges to allow employees to collaborate through their online presence.

Employee Profiles

Custom employee workspace on your intranet to set personal alerts, content subscriptions, timeline photos, contact details, recognition, rewards, groups and list of colleagues that follow.

Intranet Live Chat

Internal Live Chat on your Employee communication portal to enable employees to communicate more efficiently while getting the quick answers they need.

Employee Org Chart

An employee organisation chart to quickly refer an employee’s designation, their managers, their juniours, subordinates in a simple view on your intranet.

Mobile Intranet

Access your intranet from wherever you are from any devide, instant search, and mobile collaboration.

Intranet Instant Support

Our team of intranet professionals are their to serve you with phone and email support.

Employee Recognition

Employees can give recognitions to each other for a job well done with our employee recognition application.

Event Calendars

Employees can use calendar features in the employee intranet to organise meetings, events with your collegaues and aggregate onto one calendar view.

Social Intranet / Enterprise Networking

Give your intranet a social touch by enalbing the social networking feature to encourage collaboration and crowdsourcing around company goals, leadership and customer service.

Latest Events

Plan, organize and execute your next company event by creating an event on your intranet to engage, invite and celebrate.

Employee Message Board

Employee message boards on your intranet for employees to post questions, seek advice, have discussions and collect knowledge.

Page Bookmarks in Employee Workspaces

Create personalized bookmarks to quickly access and organize your favorite pages, sites and resources to access on and off the intranet.

Follow colleagues in Social intranet

Get updated with your colleagues news and events with colleagues activity stream, by following team members, managers or other users.

Task update / work reports

Allow employees to provide updates on task assigned to them or add new task with timeline and project details for your subordinates.

Employee Skills Tagging

Search to find employees through the People Directory for specific skills sets, such as HR Training, PHP Certicification, Marketing, Communication, ASP.net, Analysis, evenet management.

Employee Workspace

Provide employees with a custom dashboard on the intranet based on employee’s preferences and seen only by the employee.

Employee Birthdays / Anniversaries

Featuring birthdays and work anniversaries of employees on the home page of the intranet.


Receive alerts for new posts/content and message board comments as well as status update notifications.

Featured Employee Feed

Feature selected employees blog, achievements, news feed on the intranet to let know the entire organisation about the employee.

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Our Employee Communication Software doesn’t just allow your employees to communicate more easily, it creates groups and communities in your organization. Connect employees on the information management system through the People Directory, Mobile Intranet, Employee Recognition and Enterprise Networking. Open and seamless internal communications are critical to the success of your business, without the right information your employees could be making the wrong decisions for your operations. See how our Employee Communications Tools can improve internal communications for your business – request a FREE Corporate Intranet Demo.