A strong eLearning portal provides you the ability to easily keep your employees informed and up-to-date on the latest policies and procedures. With simple OnBoarding feature in the intranet, you can streamline new employees through a consistent process that will enable them to get up-to-speed and more productive faster. e-Learning software is built as LMS system integrating the various components of the life processes of employees. Whereas other current e-Learning softwares comparison with Creative Social Intranet offer process through content, which is often very costly and not to much user friendly (and so decreases efficiency). e-Learning management system and its components is designed so that the user can access it through the main page of e-Learning software and is guided instantly.

Through our easy to understand Online Training Calendar you can rapidly sort out instructional classes, workshops and courses, and additionally track, oversee and provide details regarding Registrations and Waitlists. e-Learning programming clients (understudies, group pioneers or administrators) are completely educated about occasions, points of reference, due dates and different exercises, in this manner flawlessly know and are more pushed to complete their substance. All the informing is completely configurable by you and builds the consideration paid to the substance however same time limits the time spent by administration. The majority of this inside a ground-breaking Corporate Intranet that is anything but difficult to utilize and far reaching enough proportional with your organization development.

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Following are the features of e-learning and on-boarding software

Online Training Calendar

Offer training classes, set-up preparing, oversee enrolment, store understudy history and install video mysteries all through a vigorous, mechanized interface.

Online Surveys

Rapidly make a basic shape study to quantify representative fulfilment, measure intrigue level or gather information with intuitive usefulness.

Online Tests

Easily build a test to check policy understanding and quiz based on required reading material with multiple choice questions than can be randomized.

Automated Test Scoring

Naturally score online tests with assigned weighting for each inquiry and appointed passing and coming up short evaluations to promptly show the test taker.

Online Test Question Bank

Randomize question banks to introduce another request to the inquiries each time an employee steps through the online examinations or retakes the test as required.

Online Training Calendar Registration

Oversee class enlistments and shortlists with the Online Training Calendar in an a basic, intelligent logbook see specifically from the front-end interface.

Intranet training scheduling

Deal with different course sessions inside the Online Training Calendar where representatives can agree to accept multi-session courses with a solitary shape.

Intranet training reports

Run gives an account of whether certain representatives have finished required courses or run course reports for enlisted, waitlisted or course insights.

Interactive Tutorials

Make instructional exercise sessions on the intranet that walk clients well ordered as they play out the intranet forms for exceedingly monotonous intranet preparing.

Employee Onboarding

Convey thorough representative onboarding on the intranet with online structures, online tests, internet preparing and enrolment and worker acknowledgment.

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