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Boost your business by easily delivering dynamic rich-media content to your employees through Intranet and Extranet Creative corporate communication solutions in India.

Creative corporate communications solutions are designed to give you the competitive advantages like:


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Intranets can make communication simple, safe, and secure. The process of communication can become very streamlined after deployment of intranet solutions. Intranets facilitate cost effective secure communiccation. Intranets can also expedite routine business processes and procedures. Companies cut costs in the long run by being able to take moe informed decisions quicker and then being able to implement those decisions efficiently. Cross team collaborations become convinient. Intranets can also offer the ability to share different types of content. Intranets can function effectively for a couple of years without major upgrades(unless of course disruptive technologies have changed the technology landscape completely).

Intranets can be used to: share mission critical resources, share news and ideas, formulate schedules, track submissions and manage versions, review progress, market internal, and collaborate between teams.


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The extranet is an extension of the intranet to the firm's, including partners, suppliers and so on. The term is sometimes used to refer to a supplementary system working alongside the intranet or to a part of the intranet that is made available to certain external users. The extranet provides a shared network with limited, controlled access to organizational information and knowledge resources,and uses security protocols,such as authentication, to limit access. An extranet can enhance collaboration and information transfer with partners in the external network.

Security is a key concern, and a firm must protect its crucial knowledge and information resources. This can be done using firewalls, use of encryption, and simple or strong authentication. Simple authentication involves usernames and passwords, while strong authentication makes use of digital certificates.

The content of both intranets and extranets is usually managed with a content management system.