Is Coronavirus fear disconnecting your workforce?

Achieve a Higher level of Employee Engagement with Creative Social Intranet

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to a slowdown of various giant organisations and their routine operations. As the coronavirus epidemic widens, Public health officials have recommended corporates to allow people to work from home.
Although the COVID-19 coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms, it’s not a flu virus. The fact that there is no vaccine or antiviral treatment currently available to fight the disease and so people have to rely on more basic strategies to reduce the risk of the infection. Those strategies include avoiding opportunities for the virus to spread through direct contact with people who have an infection.
As the outbreak of the virus has vulnerable effects in various countries, Disease Control and Prevention Centres are also urging to have strategies ready to protect the workforce and their operations. It should be ensured that everyone has the necessary tools to work from home and have outside-of-work contact information on hand. Many companies have mentioned the deep cleaning of office spaces and self-quarantining. Face to face job interviews have been banned by some firms, in favour, interviews were conducted by teleconference.
To reduce contact, several tech companies- including Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have already called off or postponed events, withdrawn from conferences and non-essential travel.
Twitter is also urging its 5000 global staff to work from home. Brain Armstrong, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform coin base, made a similar announcement of asking a few of their employees to start work from home. As such work from home is not a complete solution but it may help in slowing down the spreading of the infection, he added.

So what can be the ultimate solution to this?

Creative Social Intranet is the answer. Creative Social Intranet is an online portal which enables employees of an organisation to access data, their talents and share experiences on a single click. Creative Social Intranet is a modern way of Corporate Digital Workplace which improves workplace engagement via communication and collaboration. Here, employees can submit their work report, projects, share innovative ideas etc and henceforth get rewarding and recognitions from their seniors and colleagues. Recognised and rewarded employees are more likely to work even more efficiently for the company.

How can you lead the workforce even when they are working from home?

Increase your employee enthusiasm and engagement using Creative Social Intranet.

This digital workplace environment can be accessed easily from any device and from any location. It carries all the business services and collaborative tools which employees need in their day to day core dealings. It basically focuses on the use of technology so as the employees perform to their full potential without even wanting to be mobile from one place to another.
The traditional way of working has undergone numerous changes. The human aspect is now being replaced with advanced technology. It has a fact attached to it, the modern way of the intranet has led to increasing business productivity by 75% higher.

What benefits does Digital Workplace give?
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve collaboration
  • Cut workspace costs
  • Harmonize workflow
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Today, how often do companies think of people strategy? Just rewarding for the work done is not the only way to keep your employees motivated. This requires Employee Engagement tactics as well. Employee Engagement is one of the vital processes which any organisation needs to follow, so as to keep the workforce involved and productive in their esteem work.
Creative Social Intranet Software helps in boosting employee engagement as well. Today many companies have started leveraging intranet software to boost employee engagement and modify their strategies accordingly. Eventually, it also helps in verifying, measuring and monitoring which strategy succeeds and which one fails.

Features which it poses:

  • Employee Directory
  • Company Departments/ Groups
  • Task Desk /Work Report
  • Meeting room booking
  • Post Current Vacancies
  • Announcement board & Internal Newsletter
  • Employee Onboarding

    and much more.

    All the daily operations which require human contact can easily be avoided through the Creative Social Intranet digital portal. So at this verge of coronavirus epidemic emergency, it’s quite favourable to opt digital workplace for the companies worldwide. By this way, the employees stay connected and interactive enough about their work and job which they perform.

    Why is Creative Social Intranet beneficial?
    1. Increases Efficiency
    2. Doubles Productivity
    3. Enables Collaboration
    4. Boost Employee Satisfaction

    Every organisation defers in their preferences based on the requirement of the business. Creative Social Intranet is the only portal which facilitates and builds the websites which reflect the ideas, likings and goals of the clients. Its creative designs and customized look and feel attracts the flow of new clients.
    The prime objective of Creative Social Intranet is to reach all small and big organisations as well, across the globe. Social Intranet can be used by all kinds of companies small, medium and large-scale enterprises. In a way to transform the traditional intranet workings for better efficiency and productivity. As such Creative Social Intranet’s IT solutions are the best way to help clients to achieve their end targets to increase customer base and profit margins.

How is Digital Marketing Helpful for Industrial Machinery Suppliers?

How is Digital Marketing Helpful for Industrial Machinery Suppliers?

Heavy industrial machinery and tools suppliers have found the Internet as a key supply of leads and sales. The Internet enlarges its reach to new customers, simplifies business communications and turns customers into clients.

Heavy machinery and tools like Metabo Power tools Nigeria, Uncoated Abrasives Nigeria, Angle grinders Nigeria and many more are a special industry where investments in equipment are large. As a selling manager, you require a team with established performance in the heavy tools and machinery industry. Creative Web Mall Company appreciate your business and have plans you are going to love!

As a Heavy Industrial Machinery and Tools Suppliers you Need:

• An independent, straightforward business partner; no fears or hand-holding once you work with us.
• Somebody who delivers on time and budget.
• A team with a wide depth of knowledge and experience in the heavy industrial machinery and tools.
• A team to take the load of trying to keep up with the latest promotions, events and updates away from you permitting you additional time to focus on other things.
• You require to recognize precisely what you are going to spend monthly with for development and management of your marketing campaigns, no surprises.
• A team you can get verified outcomes with that exceed prospects.
• A team that creates actionable business talent to continuously boost your website to make more leads and convert more sales.

You Require Your Digital Marketing:

• To produce top rankings in search engines through SEO and PPC
• To provide plans designed to drive extra targeted customers to your site overall
• Designed to rise skilled leads through proven programs
• Increase the possibility of conversions

You require a company with information and understanding into the heavy industrial machinery and tools digital marketing area, who recognizes the online buying patterns and requirements of your unique audience. You require a team who identifies how they search, where they go online and exactly what information they are searching for.

Why Engaged employees are considered an edge over unengaged employees


Engaged employees; an edge over unengaged employees? Why?

For an obvious reason, well-engaged employees can understand situations better and have a better work culture mechanism towards engagement.
Here an employee’s personality, work ethics, their background and drive all will play a crucial role. But even the most driven employee might not turn out to be as engaged as you’d expect. And therein lays the employee engagement problem.
The real fact is; engaged employees uttermost believe in their work and organizational values since their organization have given them a good definite reason to. Statistics show that employers who go an extra mile like reward good performances, develop a healthy company culture, and create an optimistic employee experience have greater levels of employee engagement.
And again this doesn’t indicate that engaged employees don’t have any common traits or similar habits. Let’s learn about seven such habits of engaged employees.

Seven habits of engaged employees

1) Engaged employees are risk-takers
This might sound like engaged employees are intrinsically more daring, bold and adventurous than their lesser engaged colleagues. This may not be necessarily true. Rather, they’re more willing to venture out with a fresh idea or take a risk in their job, because they be acquainted with the fact that their organization has full faith in them, that no matter what their leaders will back them up.
They believe in their co-workers, and their co-workers believe in them.
Failure becomes a lot less frightening and easily surmountable when employee feel like their organization supports them and have full trust in their abilities. They recognize that there’s no problem in offering a controversial opinion or voicing out or even trying out a new direction. Also, engaged employees are likely to take advantage of that environment of mutual trust.
2) They welcome new people to the team with open arms
Engaged employees are mostly champions of your organizational culture. They are the company’s unofficial ambassadors who give newcomers the warm welcome they deserve.
This includes going out of their reach to greet new colleagues, make them feel at home during their first few nervous initial weeks and, most importantly, being always available to lend a helping hand in need.
They act as an easy point of contact to new hires into the organization’s wider network of connection and collaboration. The engaged employee who does this well; help in creating a positive employee experience for new hires; this in turn assists in spreading engagement.

3) They’re deeply absorbed in their work, and also others
Engaged employees are absorbed in their work and also excited about what other people across the company are doing. They’re never self-involved, possessive or domineering about their offerings because they know that their organization isn’t a collection of distinct, solo departments. They’re proficient to see the whole picture.
As an effect of their holistic understanding of the business, they intend to take a personal interest in the work of others and are delighted when they see their colleagues succeed. They are more than happy to step outside their area of expertise to help fellow workers in other departments.

4) They’re committed problem-solvers
Engaged employees are realists and not just blind optimists. They are well aware that inefficiencies exist, problems will occur, and strategies can change, often at the drop of a hat. But rather than running away from challenges, engaged employees thrive on solving problems. Also, they’re not just bothered with their own problems. They’re ready to offer an idea or a helping hand to a co-worker in finding solution no matter how difficult or unfamiliar the problem is. They’re always there to rally the herds and help solve tough problems.

5) They believe in their organization
Engaged employees are realistic. This is a fact. But again having said that it doesn’t mean they’re cynical, overly logical, or coldly analytical people. As a matter of fact, they are true believers in the mission of their organization. To be “engaged” at work, people need to be able to find some sense of greater purpose or meaning in what they do more than anything else. Engaged employees are the sort of folks who’ve signed on to work at a company for all the right reasons. They believe in the product they are branding and the goals they are striving for.

6) They values-oriented people
Engaged employees are values-oriented people. They’re the category of a job applicant who goes out of their way to delve into an organization’s core values before they apply them because they want to work for a company that shares their values. But it’s not over there. Engaged employees are the people in your organization who intensify your core values everywhere across the company. They’re the people who inspire others to pursue their lead because they live those values. Employees who take such values genuinely are the ones who responsible for transforming nice-sounding buzzwords into real actual, factual, authentic values.

7) Engaged employees recognize achievements and share victories
Being engaged is not only about individual characteristics or a happy-go-lucky attitude but its more about understanding that you’re part of a team, all working together to accomplish a shared goal.
Engaged employees are more devoted to achieving these goals, and they like to recognize colleagues whose good work is moving the organization goals forward. In simple words, engaged employees are excited when their co-workers do good work. They make it a routine to exclaim when this happens, whether it’s in a 1:1 with a manager, during a meeting, or in an organisation-wide shout-out. Whichever be the medium, engaged employee shove to give support.


Being engaged at work to some extent is about developing a certain team-oriented approach about your work and organization. It means gaining a perceptive of the wider picture and then increasing your understanding about what’s happening to make company goals come to execution. In addition to that, employee engagement is all about how we interact and support each other at work and at all other challenges and difficulties that we all encounter on a daily basis.

Make your Employee experience better in 2020

Year 2020 is all about more employee engagement, boosted internal communication, better workflows and improved productivity.

  • So what is your company 2020 goal?

Creative has a goal to provide an interactive and intuitive company intranet which is more useful for employees and improve the company process than just being a blip to employees daily work radar.

  • Four tips which we will boosting internal communication and productivity.

1: The most viewed content: We are often mistaken with the fact that company news attarcts employees. However fact is that it is rarely seen. There are certain list of information that employees look into almost daily.

For eg:

    • The cafeteria menu

    • The employee directory

    • Company Gym slots

    • Holiday Calendar

    • Offsite locations

    • Company news

    • Upcoming events

  • Make this content easy to find on intranet dashboard and employees will regularly return to the company intranet, where they’ll see company news by default. Thus employees will be pushed toward important informations automatically.

2: Mobile use is growing. Well nothing new, it was same in 2019 too. But companies yet have not shifted towards mobile intranet. The percentage of employees visiting the intranet from a mobile device in 2020 is on the rise. Work from home or from remote locations will be in the preferred list for 50% of the employees. The mobile-first mentality of millennials needs a mobile responsive intranet app with notification alerts. If your intranet isn’t optimized for mobile, start engaging with it to find out what’s needed to make your site mobile-friendly.

3: Local content gets more views than global content.

In this context local content and global content means, employees prefer knowing more about information related to their department / group or location in which they reside. This content is more relevant to employees so, not surprisingly, it gets more clicks.

Company intranet that gives departmental and site communicators an easy way to post content on the intranet is what will grow in 2020. The groups having an internal chat feature like group chat, options to subscribe only to group related news informations and giving them a channel for sharing content may contribute to a decrease in email.

4: Outdated content continues to plague most intranets.

Company intranets should allow publishers to set an expiration date for content. This will help employees to search data from current dates. Thus avoiding the risk of reading outdated information which may mislead to company activities. Make expiration date a required setting. This will prompt content owners to review and update/republish or archive content on a regular basis.

Creative Intranet Applications are designed and developed for boosting internal communication and collaboration upto 80% in 2020.