Is Coronavirus fear disconnecting your workforce?

Achieve a Higher level of Employee Engagement with Creative Social Intranet

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to a slowdown of various giant organisations and their routine operations. As the coronavirus epidemic widens, Public health officials have recommended corporates to allow people to work from home.
Although the COVID-19 coronavirus causes flu-like symptoms, it’s not a flu virus. The fact that there is no vaccine or antiviral treatment currently available to fight the disease and so people have to rely on more basic strategies to reduce the risk of the infection. Those strategies include avoiding opportunities for the virus to spread through direct contact with people who have an infection.
As the outbreak of the virus has vulnerable effects in various countries, Disease Control and Prevention Centres are also urging to have strategies ready to protect the workforce and their operations. It should be ensured that everyone has the necessary tools to work from home and have outside-of-work contact information on hand. Many companies have mentioned the deep cleaning of office spaces and self-quarantining. Face to face job interviews have been banned by some firms, in favour, interviews were conducted by teleconference.
To reduce contact, several tech companies- including Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have already called off or postponed events, withdrawn from conferences and non-essential travel.
Twitter is also urging its 5000 global staff to work from home. Brain Armstrong, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform coin base, made a similar announcement of asking a few of their employees to start work from home. As such work from home is not a complete solution but it may help in slowing down the spreading of the infection, he added.

So what can be the ultimate solution to this?

Creative Social Intranet is the answer. Creative Social Intranet is an online portal which enables employees of an organisation to access data, their talents and share experiences on a single click. Creative Social Intranet is a modern way of Corporate Digital Workplace which improves workplace engagement via communication and collaboration. Here, employees can submit their work report, projects, share innovative ideas etc and henceforth get rewarding and recognitions from their seniors and colleagues. Recognised and rewarded employees are more likely to work even more efficiently for the company.

How can you lead the workforce even when they are working from home?

Increase your employee enthusiasm and engagement using Creative Social Intranet.

This digital workplace environment can be accessed easily from any device and from any location. It carries all the business services and collaborative tools which employees need in their day to day core dealings. It basically focuses on the use of technology so as the employees perform to their full potential without even wanting to be mobile from one place to another.
The traditional way of working has undergone numerous changes. The human aspect is now being replaced with advanced technology. It has a fact attached to it, the modern way of the intranet has led to increasing business productivity by 75% higher.

What benefits does Digital Workplace give?
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve collaboration
  • Cut workspace costs
  • Harmonize workflow
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Today, how often do companies think of people strategy? Just rewarding for the work done is not the only way to keep your employees motivated. This requires Employee Engagement tactics as well. Employee Engagement is one of the vital processes which any organisation needs to follow, so as to keep the workforce involved and productive in their esteem work.
Creative Social Intranet Software helps in boosting employee engagement as well. Today many companies have started leveraging intranet software to boost employee engagement and modify their strategies accordingly. Eventually, it also helps in verifying, measuring and monitoring which strategy succeeds and which one fails.

Features which it poses:

  • Employee Directory
  • Company Departments/ Groups
  • Task Desk /Work Report
  • Meeting room booking
  • Post Current Vacancies
  • Announcement board & Internal Newsletter
  • Employee Onboarding

    and much more.

    All the daily operations which require human contact can easily be avoided through the Creative Social Intranet digital portal. So at this verge of coronavirus epidemic emergency, it’s quite favourable to opt digital workplace for the companies worldwide. By this way, the employees stay connected and interactive enough about their work and job which they perform.

    Why is Creative Social Intranet beneficial?
    1. Increases Efficiency
    2. Doubles Productivity
    3. Enables Collaboration
    4. Boost Employee Satisfaction

    Every organisation defers in their preferences based on the requirement of the business. Creative Social Intranet is the only portal which facilitates and builds the websites which reflect the ideas, likings and goals of the clients. Its creative designs and customized look and feel attracts the flow of new clients.
    The prime objective of Creative Social Intranet is to reach all small and big organisations as well, across the globe. Social Intranet can be used by all kinds of companies small, medium and large-scale enterprises. In a way to transform the traditional intranet workings for better efficiency and productivity. As such Creative Social Intranet’s IT solutions are the best way to help clients to achieve their end targets to increase customer base and profit margins.