pros and cons for the Mobile Version Vs Mobile App

pros and cons for the Mobile Version for the Web Application Vs Mobile App.

Pros of Mobile App

  • Better GUI, Look and feel as it can be customized for each targeted handheld device and separate mobile app can be released for each platform.
  • Possibility to access device functions like GPS, Camera, Address Book, etc..
  • Can reach most of the mobile handset users as it works on most of the handsets across platforms.
  • Can be used offline for features which do not require database connection OR where offline database can be used..

Cons of Mobile App

  • Development time line and costs are very high as compared to mobile website.
  • Different apps are to be developed for each platform.
  • Users need to be tech savvy to download and install it.
  • User level support is required.

Pros of Mobile Version of your website or web application

  • Can reach most of the mobile handset users as it works on most of the handsets across platforms.
  • “Web browser” is part of the standard software available with almost all handsets, So no downloads and software app installation required.

Cons of Mobile Version of your website or web application

  • Cannot access device functions like Camera, Address Book, etc.
  • GUI is elementary only if we need to support all devices as BlackBerry and Nokia basic web browsers do not support advanced web graphics, Javascripts, CSS, etc

“Your car is throwing sparks” If some one says this, don’t get panic

“Your car is throwing sparks, it might blast. Get off the car. “
If some one says this, don’t get panic, open your eyes and use your brain. Beware its a racket happening specially in chakala area of Andheri, Mumbai.

Yes, I have experienced, but survived from one such incident today.

These crooks gang comprise of following actors and may be even more.

A pedestrian – who alerts about sparks from your car railings and vanishes.

A passing by driver – who pretends to be helping the victim, but by loosening some wires under the car hood he gives the victim a demo of  sparks from his car and further engages victim in his talk, while his partner steals valuables from your car.

a rickshaw driver – who also points finger on car railing to draw attention and to make the scene look more realistic.

A vicinity branded car showroom mechanic introduced by above mentioned driver – asks for changing some part and gives you a heavy charge of Rs. 8000/-.
He also gives you easy payment option and directs victim to nearest atm for money withdrawal and bullies if the victim denies.

Friends, going to police is also practically of no use, as they in turn blame victim of trusting strangers.

Beware, This is a big racket happening and multiple people are involved in this gang of crooks. Today I wasted my four valuable working hours, but have learnt a very important lesson of not to rely on strangers and to use our own brain in solving problems. Hope this effort of writing this blog post will help you guys in some way or other. Good luck!

Wear Black at Work on 19th August – To show your support for Anna Hazare and Janlokpal Bill

To show your support for Anna Hazare and Janlokpal Bill

employees of various organizations have decided to Wear Black Dress on 19th August at work.  Please spread the message to your colleagues and wear black dress on 19th August when you come to work. You may also wear a black arm band if you wish. Show your support against Corruption.
This is the least you can do even if you can join the protest because of your office work. Let us make it successful.

The Government has put condition to get 25 crore people to support JanLokPal. To give your support just give missed call to 02261550789 (as given by Kiran Bedi) from your mobile no. Your Call will disconnect after 1 ring and your no registered automatically. You will get an SMS confirming this. Do it along to all your friends. Forward to as many people as you know .. verbally, by mails, by messages. Support Anti-corruption campaign lead by Anna Hazare …Jai Hind.

Innovation at its Best: A Touch-screen Phone for Blind

With each passing day, We find no need to remember the dictionary justified terms like normal, super-human or handicapped. Our english language tells us that a blind man is necessarily handicapped. But what would you call a person who has developed software programs which can read aloud complex solutions of Rubik’s cube, has modified Google search engine for blind users and have worked for Adobe, IBM and now Google? To tell you the least important fact that I have missed out is, he is blind from the age of 14. And the most outrageous revelation is he is going to make a touchscreen mobile phone for blind users.

Meet T V Raman.


We gadget lovers have always looked and searched for gadgets. But there is a world for those who don’t see what color red or green or blue means, how VGA and Megapixels differentiate from each other and how sleek Apple beats heavy Nokia. T V Raman, an IIT Bombay pass-out and a very respectable figure amongst Silicon Valley programmers, is one of them but his unparalleled quest for innovation of new gadgets is something to admire. Instead of asking how something should work if a person cannot see, he says he prefers to ask, “How should something work when the user is not looking at the screen?” That is why we decided to pay tribute to a person rather than a single elctronic gadget for today.

The Touchscreen Mobile Phone

Mr Raman says the new project is not only for blind persons. Such systems could prove useful for drivers or anyone else who could benefit from eyes-free access to a phone. They could also appeal to aging baby boomers with fading vision who want to keep using technology they’ve come to depend on.

With no buttons to guide the fingers on its glassy surface, the touch-screen cellphone may seem a particularly daunting challenge. But Raman said that with the right tweaks, touch-screen phones – many of which already come equipped with GPS technology and a compass – could help blind people navigate the world.

Imagine how big a project should it be when the GPS will guide a visually impaired person along the right path, feet by feet.