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Benefits of online voting and poll management software? Why your digital workplace must have this feature?

Organizations rely on active,energized employees to stay vibrant and relevant. One important way that members stay engaged is by expressing their opinions through the power of the online voting and poll management software. Online voting and poll management software gives employees an unparalleled opportunity to shape the associations to which they belong. Online voting and poll management  reinforces transparency and integrity in organization’s business activities. A high participation rate in online voting generally indicates a healthy organization.

Creative an Indian company located in Mumbai provides turnkey intranet solutions of online voting and poll management software to improve the interoffice work environment and increase productivity. This feature helps to collect valuable feedbacks and comments of the employees. By doing employee survey, it not only makes employees feel involved in the organization's operations but also helps to build employee engagement.

There are some benefits mentioned as below:

  • Membership engagement: Online voting and poll management help to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to connecting with their employees. It shows the organization is staying relevant and keeping in touch with their employees.
  • Fast accurate result: With the help of online voting there are no rejected, mismarked or invalid ballots. Results are automatically calculated, eliminating the need for manual counting. Thus it helps to announce results and decisions quickly.
  • Empowerment: Online voting and poll management is the most powerful way for employees to share their thoughts on relevant topics in the organization whether they agree or disagree about the statement mentioned. When they are allowed to vote in fair and open, employees feel a greater sense of value, ownership and responsibility.
  • Cost effectiveness: online voting and poll management software also helps to reduce expenditures. Paper, printing, and postage costs are all significantly lower for online voting and polling than for traditional voting methods. This also saves time as it eliminates the need to assemble the ballot packages and manually count the votes.

Why your digital workplace must have this feature?

Organizations usually make this mistake of launching digital communication plans by just assuming the company’s impact and completely ignoring employee feedback loops and employee constraints, thus leaving them with a solution which would not be so effective as planned. It is always essential to incorporate the voice of the employees into the plan with a deeper understanding of their needs.