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Intranet software development in Turkey

Turkey, a country located in western Asia and some part of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Geographically 783,562 km² area covered. Ankara capital of Turkey. Turkey is a mixed cultured country. Turkey famous for Cosmopolitan Istanbul, on the Bosphorus Strait, is home to the iconic Hagia Sophia, with its soaring dome and Christian mosaics and Blue Mosque. Turkey special for textiles. It has one of the world's oldest and biggest malls. The country is the world's 10th-biggest grain producer. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the Turkey politician who is the sixth and current President of Turkey, in office since 2014.

How Creative can help with Intranet and software development in Turkey

 Turkey main involving the export of clothes, metal manufacturing, textiles, foodstuff, transportation equipment. Turkey 72.9 percent active internet users in 2018. Eight out of 10 households have Internet access in 2018.19th rank in nominal Turkey GDP in 2018. Turkey the most significant export of gold and automobile parts. Turkey is mainly its industrial and service sectors drive the free-market economy. EU is out and away Turkey's preferred import and export partner. EU exports to Turkey unit of volume dominated by machinery and transport material, chemical product and created merchandise. Creative Social Intranet helps Turkish firms to build employee engagement platforms, create a Digital Workplace drive internal communication and improving productivity.

Who can benefit with Creative Intranet Services?

  • Intranet Solution in Istanbul
  • Intranet Solution in Ankara
  • Intranet Solution in İzmir
  • Intranet Solution in Bursa
  • Intranet Solution in Gaziantep
  • Intranet Solution in Mersin
  • Intranet Solution in Golcuk
  • Intranet Solution in Adana
  • Intranet Solution in Konya

Intranet software for industries in Egypt

list of industries;

  • Intranet Portal for Aviation industry.
  • Banks internal communication software.
  • Intranet software for Automobile industries.
  • Social intranet portal for a construction company.
  • Intranet portal for the manufacturing industry. [foods ,Clothing & accessories,steel,iron,chemical]
  • Intranet communication portal for telecommunication.
  • Intranet portal for IT services. [mobile telecommunication]