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    Static Website

    Static website means that the content of the web page is saved to disk within the page's display information, and the page is passed to the requesting browser without alterations.


    • Static pages are designed solely in HTML (HyperText Markup Language), which defines the framework in which the content will be viewed.
    • All web hosts support the use of HTML.
    • Pages will produce identical output whenever and wherever they are loaded.
    • Static content is extremely easy to test in the development stages, helping prevent errors.
    • Static websites are search engine friendly. Static pages get catched faster than dynamic websites.


    • The biggest problem of static sites is the updates required on multiple pages when the author needs to add in a page or new section to a website.
    • All content changes must be made directly to the file on the web host's server.
    • Some popular dynamic features, such as forums and interactive calenders, are very difficult to implement in a static environment.

    Dynamic website

    Dynamic website content is content that inserted into a display framework by a program or script when the page is called by a requesting web browser.


    • One of the nice features of using dynamic content is the ability to update content in a database through the web interface. This allows individuals who may not be familiar with the formatting tags of HTML to easily update information that will be posted on the site.
    • Separation of the content from the design framework of the page, allowing for more flexibility. The ability to create powerful custom tools for the management and presentation of your site, or implement pre-made packages that can be altered to fit your sites needs.
    • Most web hosts provide one or more of these tools along with their standard hosting packages, meaning no extra costs for you!


    • There is a substantial learning curve for these dynamic languages/scripts and database servers.
    • Due to the use of dynamic content, there is more greater chance of errors occuring if content is not handled properly, so more development is required.
    • The use of additional applications may require more upkeep of the site's framework.
    • Dynamic Websites are not search engine friendly.