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Video Streaming is quickly growing in popularity. An online video streaming web application will relay TV shows, Movies and other Media Content in real-time. The content is sent in a compressed format over the internet and can be played immediately without the need to download. For the consumers, availability of streaming videos is directly related to their internet connection speeds. Video streaming is a cost-effective alternative to cable TV’s.

The number of online video users in India was more than 200 million in 2014. With increased mobile internet usage (almost 85% yearly) in India, video streaming is on the rise. Online viewing is popular among users to watch videos across the globe, news events, TV shows, sporting events and tutorials. CISCO’s Visual Networking Index Report (VNI), estimates that online video viewing will be around 65 percent of all IP traffic in India by 2018.

Approximately 70 billion minutes of video content will be viewed per month. Another report by Deloitte estimated the digital video subscription to be around 35-40 billion by 2020. Key factors affecting the trend are 4G penetration, increased usage of smartphones, demand for HD videos and the launch of Video on demand services. The advantages to users are; access, cost-savings, personalization of viewing material, unlimited storage and instant playback. A major advantage provided by streaming web applications for content creators is piracy protection.

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in India providing streaming web applications. They identify solutions to drive productivity, reduce costs and realize new opportunities. Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides services from concept and planning to development, launch and customer support. They help their clients to Conceptualize, Design, Implement, and Sustain solutions derived from Ideas and Requirements.

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