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Online Food Ordering Web Application

Ordering Food Online is not a luxury anymore but has become a necessity in today’s fast paced urban lifestyle. An online food ordering web application is a website designed for the food industry which allows customers to browse through the online menu and place an order in a matter of minutes. The orders show up at the restaurant and can be managed by an easy to use graphical interface.

These interactive food websites can be accessed on Computers, Tablets or Smartphones. The demand for food ordering web applications is directly related to factors such as hectic work schedules increased travel for work and long travel times.

Many in the food industry are experimenting with a home delivery format which adds 10-20% towards their overall revenue. Some leading pizza companies have derived revenues of almost 40-65% from this format. Companies that are focused on a delivery-based service are seeing more traction in the recent past. As per Domino’s Pizza, more than a million apps have been downloaded and is increasing.

The key advantages for consumers are; convenience, choice, reduced wait-times and an option to pre-order. Business benefits as it increases operational efficiency, reduces errors due to miscommunication, increases sales, reduces labour costs, reduces costs related to menu printing and it is easier to make changes to the menu. An important benefit is that it provides data to the company, which can be used for future analysis to derive customer insights and improve services accordingly.

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in India providing services to design web applications for online food ordering. They combine skills and strategy to offer a design that is simple and effective. Creative understands the need for easy to use applications and make sure that the application can work across platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows as well as across browsers such as IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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