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Intranet software development in Iraq

Iraq is a country located in Western Asia, lined by Turkey to the north, Persia to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and the Syrian Arab Republic to the west. Geographically 437,072 km² space covered. The capital and largest town area unit Baghdad. Culturally, Al-Iraq includes a long and rich heritage. We know the country for its poets, and its painters and sculptors are among the most effective within the Arab world, several they are being first. We know Al-Iraq for manufacturing beautiful handicrafts, and rugs and carpets. Barham Ahmed Salih is the 10th and current President.

How Creative can help with Intranet and software development in Iraq

Iraq the GDP $199.60 in 2018, The GDP growth rate was 2.5% in 2018. In Iraq 19 crores active user of the internet, 48.3% of Iraq's population,43.2% having access to a social media platform.      The Iraq main involving petroleum, handcrafts sculpture, foods, and live animals, etc. Iraq, mostly includes in the service sector, mining sector, and information technology the Creative Social intranet helps with this industry to create an employee engagement portal and and drive internal communication and collaboration and create a digital workplace. They create their own brands with the help of collaboration .It also creates effective communication.

Who can benefit with Creative Intranet Services?

Companies of Iraq from major cities like;

  • Intranet Solution in Baghdad
  • Intranet Solution in Sulaymaniyah
  • Intranet Solution in Basra
  • Intranet Solution in Erbil
  • Intranet software for industries in Iraq

    list of industries

    • Intranet Portal for Aviation industry.
    • Banks internal communication software.
    • Creative Social Intranet for the construction industry.
    • Intranet portal for manufacturing industry. [aluminium, refined oil]
    • Intranet communication portal for telecommunication
    • Intranet portal for IT services.[mobile telecommunication]
    • Employee engagement software for pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry.