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B2C Portal Development

B2C solutions are used by companies that wish to engage with end customers online and realize business goals. The purpose may or may not be completing profitable financial transactions. B2C solutions should be considered ideally by larger corporate clients with established sophisticated supply chains that may be leveraged to complete business transactions.

The objectives of the project will be to develop a web site that will:

  • Present the image of clients B2C Portal online through the Internet. The website address will also be included in all future advertising of the B2C portal to direct visitors to surf website for detail information.
  • Provide detailed information on products and services to attract potential clients – domestic / international optional on cleints choice - to seek more information directly from the website.
  • Establish brand, widen clientele base and interactivity.


A B2C solution needs to be ergonomic as well as functional. It should expedite the exercise of transaction processing

  •  Fully Flexible Design
  •  Unlimited Products
  •  Unlimited Categories/Sub-categories
  •  Unlimited Subcategory Depth
  •  Advanced Search Facilities
  •  Thumbnails and Larger Images
  •  Automated Extended Descriptions
  •  Order Multiple Products with One Click
  •  Mini Cart always Visible

User Management Tool (UMT):

  • Customers Login: This section will provide the facilitate the customers of the company to register their login names online. On authentication from the database the customers will get access to the pages on the website which are otherwise restricted for the normal visitors of the site. 
  • Forgot Password : A forgot password retrieval module will even be developed for the above mentioned logins.
  • New User Signup : The new customers can register themselves online to the website.
  • Edit Profile : The Profile added by the user can be modified by him online after authentication of the approprite Login / Password.

Advanced PHP / Asp.net Shopping Cart :

This dynamic section will offer the following features:

  • Products: Unlimited product features
  • Feature based prices
  • Cross selling
  • Delivery address per product
  • Stock Control 
  • Discounts on orders over a fixed amount
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Best Sellers

Mailing Support

  • Mail to Merchant on order completion
  • Mail to Customer on order completion
  • Mail to others (mailing list) on order completion
  • Mail to Tell a friend
  • Mail on Order tracking message to merchant
  • Bulk Mailing by merchant
  • Mail to Merchant on new customer registration
  • Mail to Merchant on new product review
  • Mail to Customer on order tracking message by merchant
  • Mail on Processing an order by merchant

Customer Service Center:

  • Orders stored in database
  • Customer history of all orders
  • Customer can restore orders
  • Repeat customer recognition
  • Join mailing list
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Pre-sales registration
  • Forced login before shopping 
  • Logged order tracking messages
  • Customer based discounts

Report Generation Center:

  • Sales reports
  • Search query reports
  • Total sales
  • Total sales by product
  • No of first page count
  • No of abondoned sales/ IP address

Security Aspects:

  • Dual password login to Administration
  • Totally hide administration
  • Prevent certain countries from ordering
  • Always use database prices
  • Other internal security checks to prevent SQL injection

Administration Section:

An Online administration section with a Graphical User Interface(GUI) will be developed for all the above-mentioned dynamic sections to ADD, MODIFY or DELETE any records in any of the above-mentioned sections. This section will be accessible only after authentication of the administrator logins.

Payment Gateway Integration:

We will integrate the web store with any one payment gateway API. Procurement and set up of Payment Gateway will be a chargeable service.

Other Sections (Static Pages):

Please note that the other static pages would include the information on the following points:

  • About Us / Profile
  • Contact Us
  • Refunds
  • Disclaimer
  • Support / Feedback Form
  • Policies
  • Enquiry Form
  • Terms and Conditions 

Annual Maintenance Contract – website (Comprehensive)

  • For ongoing technical maintenance and support of the web site including remote server administration, with the existing scope of features.
  • The AMC will not include development of any new sections in the database driven sections
  • This maintenance will not include the development of any new static web pages on the website and / or data feeding on the web store.


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