How to reduce website load time?

stopwatchHow to reduce website load time?

One of the important feature of web design is to decrease the web page load time as minimum as possible. Website loading time have been considered as a critical factor to give user’s better experience.

Why is it so important to minimize the website load time?

If your website taking excessively much time to load,It leads in losing its visitors and customers. It can result in lower search rankings, raised bounce rate and lost business revenue.

There are some parameters which will help you to reduce website load time:

  • Minify JavaScript ,CSS and HTML:You can compress the JavaScript ,HTML and CSS files which leads to speed up the page load time. It basically removes the white spaces ,line breaks etc.
  • combine images to CSS sprites:A web site containing multiple images on web pages, force for the multiple round-trip to the server to get all the resources and it leads to slow down your webpage load time. You can combine multiple images into one single image and make proper use of background-image and background-position properties of the CSS. It’s a fast way to speed your page load time.
  • optimize and scale images:Images with large size takes too much time to load the page . You can compress the images using compression tool . You can set the Height and width attribute for each image on the page. This will help you to boost the page speed.
  • Eliminate duplicate scripts:Duplication of JavaScript and CSS files leads to create an unnecessary HTTP request which in turn runs down the website performance. You have to check in the external files, whether it contains the replica of JavaScript file or not.
  • Check out the plug-ins:More the plug-ins in a website, more time it will take to load. obsolete plugins are responsible for the slow performance of the website. You have to evaluate current plugins and remove outdated and unused plug-ins. So that it will be helpful to speed up the page load time.
  • Remove the junk code :Always remove the empty or unused HTML tags and Use appropriate DOCTYPE. Close all HTML markup elements. Clean coding of a web page not only decrease website load time but also enhance the text-to-code search.

Browser always loads smaller size files faster. You will save a lot of time if you will optimize all the files before uploading it to the server.