10 Ways a Social Intranet Can Help You Cut Down on Email

How Social Intranet Portal Cuts Down on Email Social intranets benefit the enterprise by facilitating correspondence. The capacity to associate with others through the intranet reduces our dependence on email which has a tendency to be slower and less viable than tools like texting and micro-blogs. Besides, we lose a lot of important time and efficiency consistently, because we have to process so much email.

In this post, I will indicate what number of the things you are at present fulfilling with email can without much effort be supplanted by internal social networking applications.

These applications regularly improve work than messages and emails, particularly if you need prompt reaction or better archiving.

Follow up on a report

social intranet- FollowupRather than sending email:

Send a text.

Your message will fly into your collaborator’s screen and stand out enough to be noticed even without them checking their email. In addition, they can react much more rapidly through IM than through email. And you’re not taking up extra memory in your company servers.


Get remarks on a draft document

Feedback- Social intranet

Rather than emailing the draft report: Upload it in an organizer.

Emailing drafts forward and backward gets confusing very rapidly. Soon, nobody knows which paper or archive is the most recent version. Or, on the other hand all of you deal with the draft at the same time and someone needs to combine everybody’s corrections into one record.

Rather than all that rubbish, transfer the draft in your intranet. Every individual alternates checking out the document and reconsidering it. A decent intranet stage will monitor different adaptations of a document, so you know when changes are made and by whom, and can return to a past variant if necessary.



Get a comp configuration designed

discuss- social intranet

Rather than emailing it: Upload the compare pictures in an intranet photograph album.

Associates can post their remarks and comments on compare studies. Supervisors can click on an approve or disapprove button, and you can monitor who has looked into the compare or not.



Brainstorm on a product or procedure

Rather than messaging thoughts forward and backward: Start a discussion forum.
Capture everyone’s contributions to one gathering string. Got a photograph, video or slide show to share? Post it there also.





Team up on a presentation

Prasentation - Social Intranet

Rather than messaging commitments:

Create a wiki.

Everyone included can sort their contributions directly onto one archive. Insert rich media for an additionally captivating presentation.




Get your colleagues vote on possible meeting venues

Social Intranet- Vote

Rather than sending email:

Create an intranet survey.

It’s difficult to check votes by means of email. Rather, make it as simple as clicking a button, and see and share results continuously.





Locate a common spare time for a group building action


Rather than requesting everybody’s available dates by email:

Use the intranet calendar.

If those included utilise a common datebook, finding a common available time takes just a fast look. In case you’re using separate datebooks, you can combine them into one ace schedule.                        




Offer an arrangement of links to sites your colleagues should be reading regularly
list- Social Intranet

Rather than emailing the links:

Create a links page on the intranet.

No more hunting around for important links. The links page is constantly open in the intranet, and they’re hyperlinked, as well, so your colleagues can without much of efforts go to the applicable sites.






Offer a slideshow presentation

businessman- Social IntranetRather than emailing it as a connection:

Upload your slide show in Slide-share, then use the HTML code to embed it in your intranet status update.

Your associates can see the whole slide show right in your status, and post their comments there also. Another alternative is to install the slide show in your intranet profile page, so it’s constantly accessible and searchable.


Document and share you thoughts on an industry occasion

Rather than composing an email about an occasion: Publish your involvement in an interior blog.  If you emailed your content, people can easily erase it, or abandon it to peruse later — until it gets covered by different emails and is soon overlooked. In the event that you publish it in your intranet blog, your team member’s can post their own comments and remarks. It will come up in relevant inquiries. It’s archived in the intranet for future reference and talk.


These are only 10 ways you can lessen inner email by utilising internal online networking, such as Creative Social intranet. Would you be able to consider different ways to get your work done better without using email?