Social Intranet Statistics: Will It Improve Employee Engagement In Your Company?

Social Intranet Statistics: Will It Improve Employee Engagement In Your Company?

Date: 14-Nov-2017

Numerous organizations including companies, health-care providers, educational institutions, as well as religious institutions are adopting social intranet to not only smoothen the work process but also to give impetus to employee engagement. While this intranet is changing how personal communication is carried out in organizations, some employers may still be apprehensive to inculcate this in their workplace. Here are some statistics that show how social intranet can have an effect on the different areas revolving around employee performance:

  1. Employee Engagement


With 94% of managers adopting the latest social intranet tools to give a boost to internal communications, over 50% of organizations have achieved premium performance from their employees owing to installation of intranet. Moreover, businesses have recorded about 18% increase in employee engagement. With over 60% employees being introduced to colleagues who can assist them in their job, only about 25% employees felt the need to leave their department and intranet to physically approach a senior for guidance.

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  1. Productivity

While some may consider social intranet to be distractive and a platform that can affect productivity, it is in fact a highly useful tool to help increase the efficiency of working and the resultant output. According to MIT, employees using this platform are 7% more productive that their counterparts and the McKinsey Global Institute found records of about 20-25% increase in output.

  1. Employee Retention


It has been found by researchers at Forbes that about 59% of employees make use of social media to build interaction with their colleagues. This displays the importance of socializing which can be facilitated by intranet and the employers can monitor the conversations as well to prevent misuse. Moreover, over 30% of millennials would consider leaving if not given access to social media applications.

These statistics duly display the vital role played by an effective social intranet in the advancement of your organization. Creative social intranet further provides a solution that best suits your particular needs and goals.



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