Winning Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter - Social media optimization

Twitter - Social media optimization

Last week I looked at some of the marketing strategies that are operating on Facebook. At present it is time to twist that concentration onto what is working on Twitter.

Most marketers are using Twitter to just drive more traffic to their web site. The most ordinary tactics are direct linking to web pages or promotional pages.

As with the Facebook results, what works in the B2B market does not essentially work for B2C marketers and vice-versa.

In the B2B space, companies are effectively using Twitter as a brand monitoring tool (41%). What I establish actually interesting was that 36.7% of B2B marketers are contacting Twitter users who tweeting negatively about their brand.

Now as you require to check your brand (40.7%) before you can contact users who are trashing your brand (36.7%) that would signify that almost everyone who is monitoring their brand by means of twitter is also engaging in the conversation.

The numbers are alike in the B2C space with 46.9% of marketers enthusiastically monitoring their brand on Twitter with 44% contacting the Twitter users who made the comments. Who knew that status management was such an important part of the marketers toolkit in 2009?

Nearly over 37% of marketers say that they are successful using Twitter invites for in-person events. I have seen this method used for meetups, but I am astonished that so many respondents are successfully this tactic in the B2B world.

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