Improve Employee Engagement And Performance

Enterprise social software that unleashes the concepts, motivation and impact of your employees, customers and partners.

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Enterprise Social Intranet India
Enterprise Social Intranet India
Enterprise Social Intranet India
Enterprise Social Intranet India

Why Creative

Wow Interface

Our Social intranet application for enterprise internal communication is extremely user friendly and designed with the social touch to improve employee engagement.

New generation features

We have curated loads of new generation features in our social intranet application to ease collaboration and communication for enterprises that are have multiple offices.

Quick deployment timelines

Our rapid intranet deployment solutions cut down rollout time, saving businesses money and putting new technology within reach for departments with smaller budgets.

Latest Technology

Our Social intranet is developed using Microsoft approved programming language and integrated using MS SQL server 2012

Our Social intranet available On Premise, SaaS model and On Cloud!

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Creative Social Intranet Features

Social Sharing

Connect and get social at work, share your views and opinion, insights and wisdom, success tips, best practices, blog links and everything that can strengthen the workforce and unify them. Social sharing at work improves overall operation efficiency, boosts the morale, and maintains the productive corporate culture.

Calendars & Events

Maintain your organization’s calendars and events at one place and share them virtually with the entire user base. So nobody misses an upcoming event, meeting, delivery, and a team outing of course! Features like automated conflict detector, email sync, multiple calendar views, RSVP and reminders make it a comprehensive tool.

File Sharing & Uploading

Intranet document management saves you from the struggle of uploading large files on emails and downloading them at the other end. So Creative social isn’t just about sharing your status and pictures, but the major chunk of task is collective document management for the organization, of course with the sharing preferences and privacy settings.

Forums & Discussions

Most of the heavy material of a company meet is elapsed or forgotten soon after the communication ends. But with threaded discussions and forums, all valid points stay organized for everyone to understand, participate and revisit. Start healthy conversations and engage more and more users with tagging features to add weight to the issue raised.

Media Gallery

Whether it is corporate event or a new product’s photo shoot, any media file once uploaded on the intranet is instantly updated on the Media Gallery. This keeps the entire network up to date about the happenings around the organization and easy to file certain files when required. Search filters and sort functions facilitate ease of access.

User Profile

Just like any other social media profile, you can create and maintain a user profile on Creative Social Internet too. Select the visibility, privacy and preference settings, and personalize your profile page with a display picture, cover photo, about section, work experience, personal interests and your professional achievements.

Task Checks

An interface designed to maintain work logs & task scheduling; this helps the project managers to support the workers better during organizational processes. From special instructions & common guidelines to scheduling for the turnaround time, alert automation near TAT & hands-on production help, task checks helps to collaborate, support & notify the team.

People Directory

Search, communicate and collaborate with the right person in the organization you might not have met or considered worthy before. People directory is a complete data base of all users on the intranet along with their brief details such as contact info, designation, projects, achievements, availability, experiences and interests.

Wikis & Knowledge base

Build an internal knowledge base on the intranet for all users to access helpful blogs, wiki pages, self help support, essential FAQs and standard operating procedures for new players. This not only cuts down the acclimatization time and clears the perplexity but also trims the fat and reduces repetitive discussions and queries.


With the profusion of data on the intranet of a growing organization, searching a particular person, page can be a daunting task. An advanced internal search engine can help find quickly. Search function works on the guiding principle of tagging and relevant keywords to boost quick and effective information discovery.


Download documents, spreadsheets, zipped folders or media files from the intranet and all downloaded content is saved in your downloads folder. The company rep or admin can also suggest files to be downloaded by all

Internal Chat

To build informal, real-time connections amongst the co-workers, Internal Chat is a great feature. This is a virtual space for workers to interact, convey or inquire quick information, share files and documents personally. Internal chat creates better relations among the employees on personal levels and prevents lag caused due to formal communication.