Democratic Design for E-commerce Websites


E-commerce design needs to be inviting. No one will like to go to a website that looks boring. The same holds true for the e-commerce website that one hopes to use to earn money. One does not have the benefit of air-conditioning and the glitter that one almost always gets at shopping malls.

E-commerce needs to be able to offer what shopping malls cannot. A design that looks good on standard hardware. NOT the top end hardware. But basic hardware that has democratized technology. E-commerce has to be able to take this a step further and be able to democratize design and website layout.

An e-commerce solution through the website should make shopping very convenient and very easy for the average consumer.

E-commerce should also make the whole process so simple that the whole process cannot possibly be time consuming and be concluded very quickly. Naturally, the solution needs a well made and well developed foundation upon which a front end or a “store front” can be quickly made and designed to suit the needs of the proprietor, the visitors to the E-commerce site, and customers buying products.

The proprietor also needs to make sure that the general look and feel of the website does not deteriorate with the passing of days and that there is some sort of buzz around the online retail website making it look new even when it no longer is new. The online shopping website’s product catalogue needs to be updated and upgraded regularly.

The images that are uploaded online and later displayed on the e-commerce site need to be of good quality. The proprietor needs to make sure that no casually clicked photos end up being images on the e-commerce product catalogue of her/his e-commerce or e-tailing website. Visitors feel that if the quality of the product catalogue is bad the end product will not be much better because the proprietor of the online shopping website will be perceived as not one who is engaged in the e-business he is promoting.

The whole business is not always very convenient and easy. Electronic shopping over the internet can require careful planning and execution that will allow the final product of the e-commerce website to look good.