What are the benefits of AMP?


What is AMP?

AMP also known as (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source initiative by Google focusing at improving the mobile experience. With Accelerated mobile web pages, your website loads instantly (5x faster than regular web page). Users want a streamlined mobile experience. AMP focuses on same with static content that renders fast, very fast.

What are the AMP Benefits?

Increase conversion rates due to improved page load speeds

Every website has a purpose – lead generation, more advertising clicks, or to promote a product and service effectively. With faster loading web pages, users are more likely to continue engaging with your website. Thus reducing the bounce rates, increased length of time on site and higher conversion rates.

Improved User Experience

Did you know?
53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load
1 out of 2 people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds.
Google wants to give users speed because of so many websites coming up everyday. If your website offer superior speed for content accessed via search results,  you will maintain or win market share. Google also wants to keep people on the mobile web.

AMP an SEO ranking factor

Though all of the other (search engine ranking) signals needs to be satisfied to show up in Google, AMP will be a major ranking factor. If an AMP web page gets more clicks and fewer bounces due to it’s faster loading capability, Google determines that web page more valuable to users, and it’s likely to show up above other search results in Google. Majority of the people surf Google for finding everything, AMP thus will be an important ranking factor.

Accelerate your website pages today and increase your mobile conversions.

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