Successful launch of CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life.

Pharmaceutical Company Website Design and DevelopmentCreative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. has successfully launched their client’s new CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life which provides comprehensive and up-to-date source of medicines / drugs information online.

Technologies used by the Creative team are 4.0, JQUERY, AJAX Javascript, MS SQL Server 2012, XML and more.

Creative provides easy-to-read, in-depth authoritative information for users via User-friendly interface

Creatively using page not found

HTTP 404 error message is an HTML standard response code. What it does is tell you that enquiries were made for the web page you requested by your computer, but no relevant response could be had from the server that was contacted and therefore the only thing that can be done is that you go back to where you came from or somewhere else. Unfortunately this crude message puzzles many people into believing either they cannot use computers or the company running the website is not competent enough.

HTTP belongs to the 4xx Client error family of response codes. You will find Googling http response codes illuminating.

It is necessary that these pages be taken seriously by a small company not yet famous for legendary customer service, or be taken seriously by those selling(bakeries, clothes, furnishings,.etc) things to people who don’t appreciate technology. Considering these might prove to be a very good idea. People will simply have a laugh, realize there’s a glitch somewhere and go away not feeling bad about it.

So there are websites that use Homer Simpson,  Google uses a broken robot, some even use Shaolin Monks putting baseball bats to good use with the caption broken link. People see something they don’t expect in this case and are attracted to the idea, or as in case of google you see something very soft and apologetic, something that should ideally be the case.

You maintain good will without offering any functionality or services.